Best DXR 1 Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is an ego shooter developed by EA DICE and also released by Digital Arts. It is the 18th part of the Battlefield series. The game appeared on 19 November 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection X as well as Collection S.

Is the SWS-10 in Battlefield 2042 not suitable for you? Youre not alone. Luckily for you, with a bit of grinding, there is a light rifle around the corner that holds someone dead: the DXR-1.

The Best DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 combines the best essays that you can find in the game to create an overwhelming repeat rifle that does not miss a blow. While this rifle does not quite the reach of a few others in the game (it will only kill someone immediately at a maximum of 800 meters), it is undoubtedly one of the best Battlefield 2042 guns.

So how do you set up the best PC player 24 for DXR-1 Battlefield 2042? Continue reading to find out which in mind we entrusted this evil boy, which gadgets we would recommend combining him and what specialists you should also play in the heat of the battle.

Best DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24

SUB 10x
Standard edition / advanced magazine
Factory brackets
Extended Run

EVERYONE will use this Sniper in Battlefield 2042 (Best DXR-1 Setup)

This repeat rifle is currently probably one of the strongest in the game, simply due to the fact that it has a firepower of 95. If you want to support your team when snipers, the DXR-1 is the right weapon. How to set it up.

For sides, we recommend selecting a long-range and medium-range rifle scope. For the former we decided for the SUB 10x and for the latter for the Raven 4x.

As far as the ammunition is concerned, the Standard Issue / Extended may sort it for long inserts, but we recommend using armor penetration as a second option — only in case it goes hot.

Since there is only one mount, they stay with the factory keeps for their third slot, but it will be interested in the barrel department. Here we recommend the Extended Barrel so that you can increase the bullet speed of the weapon. As a second option, however, we recommend a silencer that helps you stay calm when you need to hold your position. The 6Ku Suppressor is the best choice here.

Best DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24-Gadget

The most useful gadget for the best PC player 24 by DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 is the insertion point. However, you must grind to unlock this. If you do not have this initially, a standard device suffices like a munition box or tank plates.

Best DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 specialist

Currently, ten Battlefield 2042 specialists are available. While they theoretically play everyone on the list, there are some who are suitable for the best DXR-1 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24. These are Wilson, Gavin Ran and Casper.

Discos Threat Perception Property with which you can see the position of enemies that damage you are especially useful, while Caspers drone is practical if you want to get an overview of the battlefield. Navies Trojan network property is also practical because hacker targets can uncover enemy positions.

So you have it, our best DXR-1 battlefield 2042 PC player 24. Hopefully you will shake the heads with this setup in no time, but if it does not work for you, try our best SVK Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 the end.

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