Kaufwarnung GTA Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch is a real crime

In recent days, the new editions of the PS2 and Xbox classic GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas to Meme Factory degenerated. Extremities with three times as many joints as usual, terrible character design, graphic bugs — even if you do not then watch out, you encounter inevitably numerous aggravations which make the collection degenerated into a laughingstock.

Lukas has the GTA trilogy viewed on the Xbox and attracts a disappointed Conclusion:

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GTA: The Trilogy in review: Unloving Remaster that are not worthy of the masterpieces

So has not yet reached the end of the abyss. For the Nintendo Switch a customized version has been released, which can stand without equal all other versions, such as technical achievements. We draw the comparison to a stationary bracket, in our case for the PlayStation 4, a disastrous state, which makes us almost speechless revealed.

performance on the Switch

Released at full price Rockstar Games a technical total loss for the Nintendo Switch. Pacing problems are even on the PS4 a constant companion, the version for Nintendo s console hybrid, however, recorded in addition immense dips in the frame rate. Depending on the title, and this situation crashes repeatedly to below 20 fps.

Blame mainly streaming assets seems to be as frame drops often occur when passing through the city centers. We suspect a massive computational load on the CPU, explosions and shootings remain relatively namely liquid. The graphics unit is therefore rarely faced problems.

GTA III is playable by all three titles still most comfortable, overly complex, but the game world is not. Nevertheless, expecting continued declines to below 25 fps. The PS4 version has entitled sometimes the biggest problems as a complex, dynamic lighting system is used, which remains on the switch only in its infancy. This falls to a much lower computational load.

Nintendo Switch PS4

Vice City is almost unplayable choppy on the switch, we have regularly measured values ​​of less than 20 fps. In a cutscene, the frame rate even slumped to single digits. The streets of the fictional Miami-image now also prepare the graphics unit horrendous problems, fancier lighting effects and more complex scenes strain on the hardware enormous.

Switch PS4 switch — the lowest value PS4 — the lowest value

San Andreas can stand out from Vice City is only minimal. On average, we commuted between 18 and 24 fps while we were moving in the car through the city. Many driving missions guided through narrow alleys, due to the constant stuttering they are difficult to deal with.

Nintendo Switch PS4

Graphical differences

The biggest difference visually for PS4 version updates the version for the Nintendo Switch on the lighting systems. Dynamic lights are severely curtailed, shadow, we recognize only at close range. Reflections, whether diffuse or clear, will also be rendered only in low resolution, the radiating surface is smaller.

Washed Picture: Since all switch Remaster be output in native 648p, creates a blurred impression. This is reinforced by a temporal antialiasing, image information from previous frames are used to represent polygon edges softer. In combination with the low resolution, the base temporal techniques also form addition unsightly artifacts, such as when moving edges within the visible framing.

How important is a higher base resolution, shows the PS4 version: Because it is output in 936p, has anti-aliasing act not as aggressive, which is why the games appear directly cleaner than on the switch.

Other differences:

Lawns are overgrown sparse on the Nintendo Switch, individual tufts do not cast shadows.

Nintendo Switch PS4

Shadow representations are significantly reduced or completely absent.

Textures are flatter and less detailed.

The number of other road users inside and passers-by was reduced in all games. They also appear very late on in the picture.

Adjustments in the level-of-detail are made delayed only when objects are partially right in front of us. The skyscraper in the center top of the sample is located, for example, for some time now in the visible image section, textures load but only when we approach a few hundred meters.

There are not formed puddles during heavy rainfall, in all other versions (Image: PS4) reflect these surroundings.

Volumetric lights are completely missing. In the PS4 version of GTA III (in the picture), these most clearly shape the look during night car rides. Vice City and San Andreas use an unobtrusive implementation.

Only a positive aspect we were able to retract the switch version: Rain effects are not as bright because of the lower contrast and thus more likely to the authentic original.

Gyro control
In addition to the right analog stick we can use the Gyro sensors of the Nintendo Switch to go to destinations. Let s attach a weapon so that we can shoot more precisely, the function becomes active. The implementation, however, is unemployed shaky, we must tend to turn the entire screen to rotate us horizontally.

Conclusion to the Collection

GTA III: The revised version of the first 3D offshoot looks very dark, contrasts are lost. The lighting model has been greatly simplified, which is why the entire game world works Karl and detailed arm.

Vice City: Purely visually looks at the excursion in the colorful setting most to please, but the performance is inexhaustible, which is why the game fun is limited. Vice City at the same time suffers most among visual bugs, such as flickering lights and textures.

San Andreas: Just like in GTA III, the lighting in San Andreas conveys little depth. Since shades of shades are so good as always missing, forming textures make hard contrasts. In addition, the loading times are enormously in length. Already the drive in the intro is interrupted several times of second black panels. Also, later in the game, we must constantly wait until the game world was loaded at transitions, for example, when we leave the house of CJ.

An explanatory attempt

For the new edition, the classics were ported to the Unreal Engine 4. However, their performance decreases rapidly, unless games are not optimized extensively. On more powerful systems, the hardware can compensate for this disadvantage, but the switch is not the case, accordingly, the version for Nintendo s console is pitched.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition For Nintendo Switch - The GOOD And BAD!
Developer Grove Street Games previously dealt exclusively with smartphone porting of individual Rockstar Games, the collection is the first major project of the team, which is why simultaneous publication on nine platforms (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC) appears ambitious. An excess of the team is therefore not excluded, especially if one considers the short-sized scheduling to the Christmas business.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with Rockstar Games as a publisher, as it had to be clearly recognizable that the targeted goals can not be adhered to the release and there are significant quality defects. The latter are so serious that we pronounce a purchase warning for the switch version: Let the fingers of this murk!

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