Fortnite Server Down for Patch 18 40 All new content from the update

Fortnite go today, on 16 November, the servers on all platforms (PC / Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, Android) down. Downtime is used to the new update rolling out 18:40. All changes are considered timely here on Mango.

What is happening today in Fortnite? Epic Games will go down the servers. The invasion of the killer dice is still in full swing, and possibly the Queen could now venture to the battlefield. Already suspended for a while about the construct of purple cubes.

That you may not miss, we update from Mango this article for you. So you are always up-to-date.

Update 10:45: The servers are still going down, and you do not be able to log more. The update is on the PS5 2,615 GB. After downloading, you can, you still do not sign up.

Fortnite server go into downtime — when and how long?

downtime in the morning: The servers are shut down at 10 pm our time to update 18:40 unroll. The matchmaking is a 30 minute already disabled before, so you can no longer play at 09:30.

When can you play again? The servers are then some time offline and playing is no longer possible. The downtime is expected to be between 30 minutes and 2 hours. This showed the updates in recent weeks.

Of course, it can always come to technical problems and delays in such work. If it should come to complications, we will tell you about it.

When will the patch notes? Is As usual Epic Games probably no patch notes publish the update regard. Therefore, the community is forced to go even on the scavenger hunt to track changes.

However, there are important changes, we supplement this article also for you.

What new content brings Update 18:40?

What s new for the Battle Royale mode? We can regard the changes not be sure, but leaks and data miners have already often proved to be reliable source in the past. The following changes will probably use:

Naruto crossover with skins and weapons comes to Fortnite

Leaker have already revealed in advance stuff to Naruto. You will Skins soon expect a new weapon, possible challenges and more.

New Fortnite Update 18.40 All Changes! Naruto Skins & Map Update In Fortnite
AFK Detection System

Leaker found out in advance that Epic is working Creative Mode for XP farming remodel.

So now you will no longer be able to farm there XP, but must actively buy the community created maps gamble to come to your XP.

Possible preparations for a live event

By the end of Season 8 it does not take long. Many players believe that the dice queen might destroy the entire map of Chapter 2 and is again a black hole scenario take place. Possibilities include preparations for a live event. Whether these are now for the start of Chapter 3, or only the ninth season will usher, is not confirmed.

What do you think of the possible changes? Let us know if you are really excited about the Fortnite x Naruto crossover us in the comments.

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