Pok mon Go Community Day November 2021 mit Sheinux

Update of 16 November 2021: There are news about the community day in November 2021 in Pokémon Go! About Twitter, the people of Ni antic have risen some interesting Goodies, who expect them not only to community day in November, but also in December 2021.

During the Community Day in November 2021, you will receive up to three free RAID passes from arenas (21.11.2021, between 11:00 and 19:00)
Exchange of Pokémon costs 25 percent less stardust (21.11.2021, between 11:00 and 19:00)
From 21.11.2021, the capacity of the Pokémon storage is increased to 5,000, and the capacity of the item bag to 4,000
From the Community Day in December 2021, the capacity of Pokémon storage is increased to 5,500, and the capacity of the item bag to 4,500

Fans ask for a discount on buying Item Bag and Pokémon Storage Plus, both of 200 poke coins cost. You should not expect it.

Original message from 23 October 2021: After a series of disappointing community days, fans of Pokémon Go at the Community Day in November 2021 expects a potential highlight: because Ni antic puts the electro-Pokémon Shane in the focus, so far exclusively in animal -1-raids was available and therefore enjoys a high rarity as a shiny variant.

Shane at the community day in November: date, attacks and bonuses

The community day with SELinux takes place on Sunday, 21 November 2021 as usual between 11:00 and 17:00 local time. You can hit SELinux during the event in a freelance wildlife and catch it with good luck as a shiny variant.

If your Shane evolves during events or on the event day until 19:00 local time to Extra, the latter learns the exclusive and so far not available in the game Psycho-Attack Schwinger. This attack reduces the defense of the opposing Pokémon and causes highly effective damage to combat and poison Pokémon.

During the event, the following bonuses apply:

Eggs hatch four times as fast as normal.
Smoke lasts three hours.
Lock module hold on three hours.
You get the threefold amount of sweets for sending Pokémon.
You have a fourfold chance on XL sweets while sending Pokémon.

As usual, you can also resolve special research during the community Days in November, which listens this time on the title flickering, sparks and glow. Buys the associated ticket in the shop to unlock the special research. You will find a corresponding guide for the individual research tasks in a timely manner on November.

The Honest Truth About Shinx Community Day & November 2021 Events in Pokemon GO
After all, you have the opportunity to use a free box with 30 hyperballs to support your hunt for the Shiny-Sheinux. Ni antic also offers a one-time purchasable community day box for 1280 poke coins, which includes 50 hyperballs, four smoke, four-star pieces and a top-loading TM.

We want to know of you: Are you looking forward to the community day with SELinux? Write us your opinion in the comments!

Source: Ni antic

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