Adler Mannheim Eight more Coronaf lle

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The male hockey tournament at the Pyongyang Olympics occurs from February 14 to 25, 2018.

PK: Adler Mannheim - Grizzlys Wolfsburg
According to Placate, Sinan Adam, Mark Katie, Jason Bast, Andrew Discarding, Nico Kramer, Jordan Sizer, David Wolf and Chef Trainer Pavel Gross had been positively tested on the virus. The coach and the seven newly infected players are already in domestic isolation, said the club from the DEL on Saturday. It goes accordingly good for the circumstances. Assistant Pelegrín takes over How long those affected are still unclear. The eagles were in close contact with the health department Mannheim. Assistant trainer Mike Pilgrims temporarily takes over the tasks of Gross. A cancellation of the champions hockey league planned for next Tuesday between the Adler and the Swedish defending champion Rotunda HC is not in the room according to the current state, the Mannheim er shared.

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