BVB Andersson advises Haaland to farewell to Dortmund What s missing is

The former Bayern player Patrick Andersson has Erlang Haaland advised to leave Borussia Dortmund. What he lacks is a change, the Swede said in an interview with t Online.

Led Andersson With its superior speed and physique, but also a very good technique. As one at first of course the Premier League comes to mind and added that he was imagine other leagues the Norwegians also could.

The dominance of Munich in the Bundesliga play a major role in that Haaland should look around for a new club, because Bayern the championship most certainly, and also the champions can win League This can not Dortmund -. And that is the difference. If he is fit, Haaland contributes Dortmund the entire team. He always makes its doors and is preparing now also many hits before, said Andersson.

The 50-Järhige, who won the German record champions in 2001, among others, the Champions League and with an indirect free kick to Bayern last second championship in 2001, shot compared Haaland also with his compatriot Latin Ibrahimović.

The 21-year-old was clearly better than the Milan striker, even if it is currently injured. Hopefully versa Haaland soon back on the court. However, Haaland absolutely need to be a change of scenery to successfully as Ibrahimović.

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To be able to come to a level as Latin and compare with him, Andersson noted, do need it this last step and change.

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