New World Update 1 0 5 Live Revealed Patch Notes

Amazon Game Studios has launched a new update for your MMO New world Today that brings a variety of new changes to the expansive game. The update itself does not contain virtually no broad change in new world as a whole, but focuses on polishing the experience even more by eliminating a series of persistent errors that have begun to appear over time.

This new update for new world becomes version 1.0.5 and was launched earlier this morning. As mentioned, the patch only seeks to solve some problems that have begun to appear over time, but some smaller settings have also been implemented. In particular, in this update some key changes related to combat have been eliminated along with the ability to respect your character for a lower cost.

If you are still not playing new world by yourself, you can currently seek to immerse yourself in the game exclusively on PC. Also, if you want to consult the full notes of today s patch New world, you can find them below.


Coin sellers

We know that many of you have seen the annoying chat messages of the players who send spam, and we continue to investigate solutions to this problem. We discovered that many coin vendors were creating new characters and transferring money to other accounts. To combat this, we have:

Prohibited and suspended many of the accounts denounced. Thank you for your reports for players who send spam to chat.

Restrictions were added to avoid the player s player exchange and the characters currency transfer below level 10, or whose account is less than 72 hours. Login after your account is 72 hours will allow you to operate and transfer currency once you have reached level 10.

The value of the coins of some early missions was rediscovered later in the Mission Line of the Main History, maintaining the same number of coins won, which were delivered in missions a little later.

The use of the commercial position will be restricted until the new characters accept the mission Introduction to the commercial position in its first settlement.

We will supervise the impact that this has on the bots and the health of the game, and we will continue to adjust as necessary.


An error was corrected by which players could duplicate elements through storage sheds and processing stations.

We solve the problem of gold duplication in the territorial projects that we introduced when disabling trade and we make sure that it did not happen in the future in case we had to disable trade again.


Life cane: protection orb

The small area of ​​effects (AOE) that was activated by passing through each stroke of the basic version of the Orb of Protection was eliminated.

AOE is no longer activated when passing from the AEGIS update, now it is only activated when impacting against an enemy / object.

The cost of the attribute currency resolutes was reduced by 60%.

The domain cost of AZOTH weapons was reduced by 75%.

The cost of coins of chisels was reduced by 20-50% according to the level.

To promote competition in Outpost Rush, we have slightly reduced the coin and Azoth rewards for the loser team.

We have shown the progress bars of the war conflict on the map and the faction board when there is a nearby invasion, since you can still gain conflict of war for your faction.

Identical weapons equipment: Players can no longer equip the same type of weapon in both gun slots. We want each gun slot to have a different type of weapon to open the diversity of combat. This change also addresses the problems that could occur when switching between weapons of the same type.

Passifies of group scale: problems have been solved that could cause the passive effects that climbed the amount of nearby enemies, as a thirst for blood (great ax), against all odds (war ax) and surpassed in number (Warhammer), They will apply incorrectly.

Spelling consistency: problems have been solved that caused several magical spells, such as ice storm and gravity well, will not hit steadily.

Resilient (object benefit): A problem was solved that caused this benefit to reduce all the damage instead of only the damage of critical blows.

Marking of JCJ: a problem was solved that allowed the JCJ players and JCE to heal each other.

New World Patch 1.0.5 Update! Exploits, Bugs, & Dupes Fixed!

Exit Rush.

A problem was solved that allowed the players to leave the initial fort before the match began.

Now we avoid that several players interact with the altar in Outpost Rush. This will prevent players from obtaining several invocation chips for every 500 Azoth.

A problem was solved that sometimes caused the identification plates of the convened allies to appear hostile.

A problem that caused Battle Bread was solved (the food benefit in Outpost Rush) was twice as expected.

The information about Tools for Battle Bread and Monster Slayer s Stew was updated to correctly describe the benefits they provide.

A problem that could make players would be stuck in a teleportation loop if they were teleported out of Outpost Rush while using / took off.

Corrections of general errors

A problem was solved that prevented some people from joining Outpost Rush because they had a slope group invitation.

Repair kits should no longer require the use of coins.

A problem was solved that sometimes caused players to use the wrong consumable when they used consumables from the inventory screen.

Several problems were corrected with the state of the invasion that was shown before the invasion was declared.

The text in missing English was updated for the pop-up window when logging in which explains the compensation of the housing tax.

A problem was solved that allowed the animation of magic weapons to cancel its primary attacks with exchange of weapons or spells of targeting, which caused the shooting speed to be faster than expected.

A problem was solved that caused the improvement to dodge Ice Gauntlet s pylon will only work immediately after placing the ice pylon.

Solved a problem that could make a player lose his house while he was offline during maintenance. In a future update, we will reimburse the players who found this problem. The exact details about the refund will be in the corresponding update notes.

A problem was solved with the enemy that duplicated and stacking engendros during the trembling timber mission.

A problem was solved that allowed the players to start a server transfer if they were in the tutorial.

A problem was solved that the commercial position would not respond or delay.

Server performance was improved when a large number of players congregates in settlements.

A problem was solved that caused part of the influence of the territory was not recognized correctly when many players delivered PVP missions simultaneously.

A problem was solved that caused some titles of players to be shown as.

A problem was solved by which players could get stuck while fishing with delay.

The notification of the user interface was corrected to land at a hot spot while fishing.

A localization problem was corrected in which the bonus creation percentages for tools were about 0% for languages ​​other than English.

The time in Europe was corrected to correctly account for the change of Cest to CET.

A problem was solved that prevented the team s score from increasing beyond 589 of the rewards.

speculative arrangements

The corrections that are listed below are provisional solutions and mitigations. Our goal is to eliminate these changes and see if the problems persist, so that we can continue working on them and address them in a future update if necessary.

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