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Memory Games is a German documentary written and guided by Janet Tobias and also Claus Wehlisch, which resolves the competitions of the psychological professional athletes, which consist of examinations such as memorizing an arbitrary number of numbers as well as recreating the order of a messy card deck. The documentary lies on the Netflix system.
The memory athletes that appear in the docudrama are: Yanjaa Wintersoul (Sweden), Simon Reinhard as well as Johannes Mallow (Germany), Alex Mullen as well as Nelson Dellis (United States). All they have been victors of greater than some memory championship, both of your nation of origin and also worldwide. One more exceptional personality who has a visibility in the film is Andy Fong, president of the Memory Sports Council of Asia, that prepares some athletes for this sort of competitors.
Additionally, there was the participation of the scientists of the DONDERS INSTITUTE, Martin Dresler and also Boris Konrad, specialists in memory studies, that supplied many clinical contributions for the understanding of the docudrama.

The streaming service Netflix has made the next step in its expansion course in the gaming sector: After a longer trial in various European countries, Netflix Games is now available for all subscribers. However, there are some limitations.

What is Netflix Games?

It is an additional service for all Netflix subscribers. The getting access to numerous games without having to pay extra. The offer is included in the monthly subscription fee. In this way, Netflix wants to expand his pallet and will not only focus on movies and serials in the future.

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What restrictions are currently available at Netflix Games?

Netflix's Gaming Service Now Available in the US - IGN Now

Currently, Netflix Games is only available for Android platform (smartphones and tablets). The iOS Group has to be patient for a few months. Whether and when a launch is made for the PC and consoles is not known yet. To use the game offer, you need the Netflix app. There you go to the category Netflix Games and can browse in the catalog. However, there seems to be some problems at the moment, the access does not work for some users.

What games are there already with Netflix Games?

Launch of Netflix Games are only five games to choose from. These include, among other things, the two action adventures Stranger Things 3 and Stranger Things in 1984 based on Netflix s Mystery series. There are also three smaller games, real blockbusters are looking for in vain so far. However, the offer should be significantly expanded over the next few months. For this purpose, Netflix has already taken over a developer studio. Here is the current game selection:

Stranger Things 3
Stranger Things 1984
Card Blast
Shooting Hoops
Teeter up.

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