Here is the new trailer of Moonfall

MOONFALL Official Trailer 2 (2021)
You have already spent several weeks since the last trailer we had of Moonfall, the following apocalyptic movie of the director Roland Emmerich, which in case you do not remember it, is the same person as in 1996 too He was in charge of directing Independence Day. Well, now you can see how his new film is doing thanks to another video advancement.

According to Moonfall, the landing on the 1969 moon did not come out according to the plan. The astronauts sent on this mission found something unexpected on the Moon, and decided to keep it hidden from the general public. As a result of all this, the Moon will end up crashing against Earth.

Moonfall You will be available on February 4, 2022.

Editor s note: The truth is that Independence Day was a great movie for your times. Yes, the formula may already be exploited for now, but at the time he did manage to highlight enough to inspire a lot of more projects. Now, the original director is back to show us that he has not lost the touch yet.

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