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UPDATE 2.34 has arrived for Dead by Daylight and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to the latest patch for the game. On November 2, Patch 2.34 was deployed to resolve numerous mistakes in Dead by Daylight. The developers have published this patch as a bugfix patch, which aims at some pretty specific problems and emergency deactivation of a single problematic animation in terms of blessingotems.

Although this latest patch for Dead by Daylight is not a big one, you can assume that this is a standard size on all available platforms. Everything is new with Dead by Daylight Update 2.34

Dead by Daylight Update 2.34 patchotes



An animation restriction has been disabled, which led to many blessing totems could not be swallowed due to the placement of the totems by the killer

Note The Developers: We intend to reactivate this in a future patch as soon as we had time to locate and re-position all offensive totems so that they let them play well. This causes some totems to be suffocated by collision, but we resurse there is safe to ensure that until then all the totems can be deleted from the killer. Enjoy it as long as it takes killer Mains!


It has been fixed a problem that led to the archive widget without a challenge selected if a challenge was selected on the side of the roller.
Fixed a problem that led to the purchased survivor has been unlocked and no AURIC Cells were issued after the error message Purchase failed was displayed in the store.
It has been fixed a problem that led to the player s playing two blood village characters at the same time.
It was fixed a problem that led to survivors who used the peek-pearly to shake other players.
A problem has been resolved through which the interaction bar was not red when a hex totem was blessed.
A problem has been resolved, which can cause reverse bear traps that have been installed by the Pig s Video Tape Add-on, do not kill survivors when the timer runs.
Fixed a problem that can cause survivors can not move when a generator is completed when the pig is equipped with the video tape add-on.
Fixed a problem that the adrenaline PERK has not been triggered if the survivor could not get the effect when the output gates were powered.
It has been fixed a problem through which the grass and the foliage were partly black when players are going.
A potentially incorrect active node status in the archives has been fixed.
It was resolved a problem that led to survivors repeatedly scream when they duck while they are pissed.

Only switches:

A problem with text overlap in the keyboard shortcut menu has been fixed.
A performance problem in the docked state has been fixed by deactivating the menu movement when moving the cursor.
It has been fixed a problem that could lead to an excessively long / infinite charging screen.

Known problems

The killer can earn only 1 progress point per tangled hook for the Halloween hook challenge.
When completing a level in the archive, the level status is not updated immediately. However, leaving and re-entering the menu is updated and reflects the completed status.
We are a problem with the PERK clairvoyant known in which the effects can not be disabled in some cases
A survivor with enabled clairvoyance can consume the activated clairvoyance of another survivor when they are close to each other.

Dead by Daylight is now available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Stadia. For more information about this update, visit the Dead by Daylight Forums.

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