New World becomes a casino Several players meet to bet during the nights

NEW WORLD is a massively multiplayer online video game (MMORPG) developed and edited by Amazon Game Studios, released on September 28, 2021 on Microsoft Windows. The game works on a Buy-to-Play model, which means that the game does not require a monthly subscription to play but a purchase at one time. Several closed beta were opened from July 2020 for players who pre-ordered the game or for players being registered as testers on the official website of New World.

The MMO of Amazon, New World, is generating more and more interest. Being the 10 most viewed games on Twitch was just the beginning, because now, the most creative players have already started attention with their new project: transforming the title into a casino during the nights, however strange that It seems.

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You will find about 100 players betting on the sleeping nights The game does not have a betting mechanics, but the Reddit user, soracaz has explained how the players managed to make this possible, at least in your server. Usually, at night, you will find around 100 players betting, and their profits are ridiculous, says Soracaz.

With these words, the user refers to extraordinary amounts of gold in each bet, in addition to rare materials that change owners constantly. However, it seems, almost all bettors respect the rules of the game, being only a few who seek to cheat, according to Soracaz.

How do the players bet? Participants first show what they want to bet, and if they both accept, they use the Emote of the Dice to determine the winner. A simple, but effective process, and that has led to very high profits, exceeding 40,000 gold units, according to the Reddit user.

If this habit continues to grow, Amazon could react with the Closure of several accounts. Something that could also happen is that some players decide to use BOTS to bet and cheat, as we have recently seen in the Beta of Call of Duty Vanguard.

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