Koschinat No feel for the game and wrong answers

Today we have not developed a feeling for this game, Koschinat summarized the basic problem of his eleven, who tried against a well-known duel-oriented opponent to give completely wrong answers. But Koschinats criticism continued: instead of taking the fight, his team tried to play beautiful. In addition, more frequent return matches came to the goalkeeper, which does not exist in training, and many rescue actions of the defensive last second. Even the offensive of the Saarlander scarcely came to the train, I have attacks not to complete and no flanks brought in the box.

Accordingly, the judgment of the trainer fell sobering. His team had lost and still a performance delivered, which was not worthy of my view of the kind that was to be expected. Although the 50-year-old felt the initial phase of the second half with insane a lot of possession as a bright spot, which ended up suddenly in the victory hit of Mannheimer. Exactly in the Phase counter, quite, very classic, says Koschinat. In particular, the FCS coach annoyed that his team did not implement his team discussed in the run-up to the game: We failed, that was 1000 times discussed to stop the opposing attack on the centerline. An error that also annoyed Grimaldi: I think the 1: 0 we do not have to get – in the creation.

Either I m too heavy and that does not fit or what do I know what you always come up with.

Adriano Grimaldi

However, for the attacker, the larger excitement was a situation in the 81st minute when he was revered in a cross in the penalty area of ​​Höger – and a penalty whistle of the referee removed. Either you are fouled and you get a penalty or you can let it be completely. Then we do not need a referee anymore, Grimaldi annoyed at the microphone of Magenta sport about the decision of the Unpartial Florian Lechner.

In this case, he – visibly frustrated – also gauges about the justification of the decision to: If I hear from the referee, that it is a derby and that it is not a 100% penalty, yes what is that supposed to do? Then addressed whether Lechner said something comparable, Grimaldi continued: No idea, but that will probably come back sometime again, that s always the excuse. Either I m too heavy and that does not fit or what do I know what do I know who always come up with.

But ultimately Grimaldi had to admit that this referee decision was only a small factor in the defeat. We have to digest that now and then analyze correctly. Finally, on Saturday, the next derby for Saarbrücken is on the program: Then the 1st FC Kaiserslautern is a guest in Saarland and it is considered to retrieve the mixture of passion and mentality of the coach Koschinat Mixture of passion and mentality of the last few weeks.

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