New World Update 1 0 4 patch notes revealed before the launch

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New world Update 1.0.4, the last update of the PC game, is available tonight and before its launch, Amazon has published the official update patch notes that reveal and detail everything it does. Unfortunately, the update does not include new content or highly requested functions. Rather, focuses mainly on solving the main problems [that] players have been attacking in recent weeks, especially those that impact the wars.

It is not clear what is the size of the update file, which means that it is not clear how long the download will take. That said, at the time of publication, you can not even download, and this will not change until 10 pm pacific time. After this, the downtime will begin.

Next, you can check the full notes of the update patch. Meanwhile, for more information about updating and for more information about server transfers and Outpost Rush, click here.

General changes

The Everfall start beach was deleted to channel new players through the other 3 locations to increase the probability that new players and friends can start together.

The first home discount reduces the purchase price, but it does not reduce taxes. However, the user interface indicated players that their taxes would be reduced, and it was only after buying the house and having to pay taxes that they discovered that they had to pay the full price. We will compensate any player who has bought a house before the correction of the user interface disappeared with 2000 coins.
Performance slightly improved in Wars.
The performance of the life cane was slightly improved with changes in the passive Mending Touch and Blissful Touch skills.
In Update 1.0.3, we correct an error that caused companies to lose income for having several territories or declarations of failed war. With this update, we will reimburse the income for lost coins. The company s treasury will be reimbursed by all revenues by lost coins resulting from the issuance. Returned income will not exceed the treasury limit. If a company has been completely abandoned, it will not recover the lost currency.
We increase the limit of faction tabs by 50% for each level of faction. We made this change so that the players can win additional chips even if they have reached the reputation limit and want to save while they work to advance to the next faction range. These are the new values: Level 1: 5,000 tokens, increased to 7500, level 2: 10,000 tokens, increased to 15,000, level 3: 15,000 tokens, increased to 22,500, level 4: 25,000 tokens, increased at 37,500, level 5: 50,000 Tokens, increased to 75,000.

1.0.4 Patch Notes Are Awesome! New World

General error corrections:

A problem was solved by which the limits of faction chips did not increase after the players completed the range missions for their faction.
An uncommon problem was solved that caused world time to be advanced or delayed, which would later cause a variety of problems around the world.
A problem was solved that caused the players to lose the houses they had in Cutlass Keys.
Several rare problems of server failures were corrected.
A problem was solved with the suspension / prohibition notification that showed incorrect schedules.
A problem was solved by which players could use their global transfer token while still having active commercial positions, which caused additional problems when the transfer was resolved.
A problem was solved that caused some IA not to appear in the world as expected.
A problem was solved by which Mrykgard s corrupt portals in Skattered Mountain distributed higher level equipment and reappeared faster than expected.
A problem was solved by which enemies in the events of the MYRKGARD corrupt portal released booty.
A problem was solved that caused an unwanted animation when interacting with the housing element of the bubbling cauldron, and a problem that caused the object of the spoon did not appear in the player s hand while he interacted.
A problem was solved with the Starmetal and Orichalcum mineral veins where large ore veins rewarded small amounts of mineral and small mineral veins rewarded major amounts of mineral.
A problem was solved by which the timer of the war lottery did not stop properly during the period of blocking the war.
The rendering distance of Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin lights was corrected.
A problem was solved that caused GM chat label to be shown in players who were not GM.
A problem was solved that caused the textures of the armor to flash.
A problem was solved in the StarStone Barrows expedition where Arcana protection did not protect players from certain lasers.
A problem was solved by which certain enemies in the excavation of Amrine were invulnerable.
A problem was solved by which the ice pylon could remain at a time of infinite reuse.
A problem was solved by which players could get rings that had two benefits sharing an exclusive benefit label and should not exist in the same ring.
A problem was solved that caused the image of the projectile to not appear in the ice gauntlet attacks and ice pylon.
A problem was solved by which players could not complete a variety of actions of the game after traveling fast.

Speculative arrangements:

The corrections that are listed below are provisional solutions and mitigations. Our goal is to eliminate these changes and see if the problems persist, so that we can continue working on them and address them in a future update if necessary.

A feat of war was corrected in which players could use magic effects of effect area (AOE) to capture meeting points without receiving damage. This should be improved with war performance updates and life personnel, but we will continue to monitor to see if the problems persist.
We have corrected several known causes by which players are invulnerable. This problem is one of the main priorities of our team and we continue to seek solutions for the additional causes of this problem.
We have solved speculatively the problem by which players could be stuck after leaving outpost rush. This was an uncommon problem and our team could not reproduce it. We will continue monitoring during the launch.

New world is available through the PC and, at this time, only the PC.

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