Pok mon GO Community Day im November

Also in November, a large-scale community day is in the mobile game Pokémon Go on the program. You expect numerous actions, certain bonuses and, of course, a special Pokémon, which is in focus during events.

We ll tell you this point, which expects you so everything. Thus, you have an overview for a few weeks and can prepare accordingly.

When will the community day take place in November at Pokémon Go?

The starting signal for the event falls on November 21, 2021 – ie in almost exactly four weeks and thus according to the current Halloween event. It starts in the morning at 11:00 clock German time, the end is planned for 17:00. You stay six hours for six hours to participate in the community day.

In the limelight this time, the Pokémon named Sheinux, which will happen to her very much more often during this time than it is usually the case. Incidentally, if you develop this pocket monster during the event, it will learn the exclusive loading attack Psychoßer .

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What special bonuses are available at the community day in November?

For a dollar you can unlock the exclusive special research flickering, sparks and glow in the Ingame Shop. There is also a community-day box for 1,280 poké coins, which contains 50 hyperballs, four times smoke, four star pieces and a top-loading TM. Alternatively, you can grab the free event box with 30 hyperballs.

There are also these bonuses:

Four times speed when hatching eggs
Triple runtime of lock modules
Smoke lasts for three hours
Triple amount of sweets when sending Pokémon
Fourfold chance on XL sweets while sending Pokémon

Source: Niantic

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