New survival mmo with top

The upcoming Survial Shootterthe Day Before impresses with top graphics and an exciting open-world gameplay in which you fight survival in a zombie apocalypse. Many users see a game that looks like they were originally introduced to the Division.

What is The Day Before? The Day Before is a comeful survival shooter that remembers the Division. However, setting is a zombie apocalypse that has emerged from a pandemic. The infected were here too bloodthirsty zombies.

However, these epidemic zombies are not strange monster vices, but simply brainless in front of Hindärmernde creatures that want to live on your meat. So it should be realistic zombies, no mutated monstrosities such as in back 4 blood.

In the game, in addition to the fight against zombies, it is also about looking for and survive food, weapons and resources. The Day Before appears in June 2022 for PC on Steam, PS5 and Xbox Series X / s.

Top graphics and exciting gameplay

What are the features? The most important feature of The Day Before is the phenomenal graphic. If you look at the current trailer, so immediately countless cool details fall on:

Vehicles roll up with their mature mud, which splashes wild through the area.
Light is realistic in puddles and shiny surfaces realistically reflected.
At all, the lighting occurs, which promises a very realistic and threatening atmosphere.

Everything you saw to Gameplay so far looks extremely well and promises an atmospheric powerful game in which you can dive deep.

In addition to the graphics, the game should still offer the following highlights:

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Weather effects that affect the game
Standing PVP and fight for resources with other players
Survival elements, such as hunger or cold

What do the user say? If you look at the numerous comments under the trailers at YouTube, so you hear that the Day Before would remember the Division. And in fact, both games resemble in many elements, including both cover shooters, resemble in style and both play in a post-apocalyptic USA. But many players go so far and say that The Day Before could become the better division:

Jwalkir: Looks like what we hoped for by The Division
Zamouri One of the 3: For me it is the game the Division should have been.
Dat Boii: Looks like the division, but polished with zombies … I m there!

However, there are still doubts, because the game simply looks too good to be true:

Jack: If we get what you show us, then this game will be crass. However, I am not quite convinced that we will get that in the end.
Genocide2099: This game will have a lot of funny glitches and bugs when publishing.
Tony, The Strong: Another game where you can do Everywhere and everywhere , which becomes a thick tube crècher. Can not wait …

So it remains to hope that The Day Before ends up, which promises the excellent trailers. Until June 2022 is still a lot of time.

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