Pok mon Go The dates for the next 3 dates community days are known

InPokémon GO are the dates for the Community Days in November and December 2021 known. We show you what days they start and what Pokémon is probably in November for the C-Day.

Where does the information come from? Niantic spoke in a developer diary on the Community Days in Pokémon GO. They have not yet revealed a lot of information over the next three events, but we now know which three days, the next C-Days take place.

There is also information about the first Pokémon that will be at Community Day in November 2021 focus.

Community Day in November and December: Times and Pokémon Teaser

When does it go Mark you the following dates for the next three Community Days?:

21 . November
18 . December
19 . December

Community Day in November 2021

Date 21 . November 11:00 to 17:00.

Update of 22 October at 19:40: On the evening of October 22 Niantic confirmed that it is the Community Day Pokémon in November Sheinux (via pokemongo.nianticlabs.com). You develop during the event your Luxio on, then Luxray learned the charging attack Psycho biter.

Pokémon: In Developer Diary are Michael Steranka, director of product marketing at Niantic, first look at the Pokémon for the C-Day in November (via YouTube).

He called Pokémon X
The Pokémon comes from the Sinnoh region
There is an electric Pokémon

In the Community is suspected based on this information, it will be also to Sheinux. Because that Pokémon would also fit what the data miner of PokéMiners recently discovered in the code of the game.

On Twitter, the Data Miner published a photo Bomb fund with Sheinux. This would also fit for an event with this Pokémon.

While it is not guaranteed, but very obvious that Sheinux is the Pokémon for the C-Day in November.

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Community Day in December 2021

Date 18 . December and 19 December

Pokémon: To focus Pokémon on the two days of December, there is no information so far. However, we know from the events of the last few years, it will probably be a Best of back here and several Pokémon could be the focus.

At Community Day in December 2020, all previous C-Day Pokémon came under closer scrutiny. At Community Day in December 2019 there was also a best of with lots of cool bonuses. Therefore, it would be obvious that it will look again like in December 2021st

In the coming weeks Niantic want to give even more info there.

How do you like the outlook for the next Community Days? Do you find that Niantic has well chosen the dates, or had you you want other days for the Com-Days? Leave us your opinion about it but here on MeinMMO in the comments.

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