Pok mon Go The Community Day with SheInux brings strong sweets

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The community day in November 2021 BePokémon Go starts with SheInux. There are some bonuses that enhance the event. We show you why you should not miss this appointment.

What is new? Niantic announced that SheInux is the Pokémon, which will focus on community day in November. The announcement followed after a teaser during a developer video.

Now we also know the bonuses of the event and realize that the event will be worthwhile for you. It also serves preparation for the community day in December.

Community Day in November 2021 – Times, Boni, Shiny

When is it going? The community day in November starts on Sunday, November 21, at 11:00 o clock local time. The event ends at 17:00 local time.

The bonuses: For the bonuses for the community day there is something special in November. In addition to the event bonuses, there are still special bonuses:

Event Boni:
Eggs in breeding machines are hatched four times so fast
Lockmodule hold three hours
Smoke lasts three hours
Photobombs during snapshots
Special bonuses:
For sending Pokémon you will receive the triple amount of sweets
When sending Pokémon you have the fourfold chance on XL sweets


Exclusive attack: develops you during the event Luxio (the further development of SheInux) to Luxtra, then it learns the loading attack psychicizere. This special attack also learns Luxtra up to two hours after the event.

Psychic piece is effective against fighting and poison Pokémon
In coaching, psychic pieces causes 40 damage and lowers the defense of the opponent
In raids and arena, psychic pieces causes 30 damage

Special Research for 1 €: During the Community Days, the 1 € research flickering, sparks and glow is activated. We will listen to you here on Meinmmo at the Community Day the contents of the ticket so you can decide if the purchase is worthwhile for you.

Shiny Sheinux: In the following graphic you can see Sheinux, Luxio and Luxtra in the normal in the Shiny Form.

Why is the event so important?

That s why you should use the use: The special bonuses with triple transfer sweets and the four-fold chance of XL sweets while sending are ideal to clean up your collection. Because that is worthwhile through the bonus correctly.

In addition, you should clean up your collection anyway, because in December a two-day community day is organized. Although there are no official plans yet, but it is assumed that all Pokémon the community days of last year will be revealed. So you need many places in your collection and can catch up on some catches.

Even if sheinux should not interest you, you can still use the event to efficiently clean up your collection.

In the next few weeks, many events await you in the game: all events in November 2021 at Pokémon Go in the overview – which is worthwhile?

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