Update NEW World 1 0 3 Live with patch notes

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Amazon Game Studios has launched version 1.0.3 of Nuevo World , and brings with it a series of error corrections and changes. Perhaps the most notable change is that players will now have the ability to transfer progress between servers (over which readers can learn more here). The game developer also rewards players with a couple of new elements in the game for their patience during the launch of the game. All current players will find that the title The Stoic has been added as an option that can be equipped. A free waiting gesture has also been added to the game store. Complete patch notes of the official game website can be found below:


Implementation of the final parts of the server transfer frame.

Improvements were added to the global selection user interface.

Lighter messages were added when a player is expelled due to an AFK or a violation of the EAC.

Lighter messages were added when there are accumulated discounts, such as discounts by territory and feathery discounts on property taxes.

We implemented back-end changes to help our team investigate concerns about client performance in War.

The Reapoir Timer of the Ambrose Boat and several other elite enemies around the world was adjusted.

In The Depths, the players must now be in the sand to harm Thorpe.

Now an error message appears when players try to buy their own articles at the station.

A change of chest / booty of the 1.0.2 update was reversed that caused them to come out of the chests to leave too many refining reagents.

Adjusted the volume on the Amazon Games screen display.

The armor is limited to 1 profit of skill per piece.

General performance improvements were added for visual artifacts and graphics configurations.

Dyes are now eliminated from articles in trade with a present warning message.

The timer «Time to declare war» now stops visually to make clear when an invasion is imminent but is not yet scheduled. The territory remains in a state of conflict after the invasions and the war can be declared.


General error corrections

Problems were solved with the staff of Azoth T4 and T5. Close those high-level portals!

A problem was solved that caused the notification of the abandonment event to persist.

A problem of the user interface of housing was solved. The UI will now correctly show that property taxes are subject to the total price of housing and are not affected by the discount for home buyers for the first time.

Problems were corrected with the early spawner of the game. The point of reappearance of the surveillance tower is replaced by the settlement after it has been discovered. Players no longer reappear in a watchtower after selecting reappearing in a settlement.

Several location problems were corrected throughout the game.

A problem was solved by which all the elements of the city projects were not consumed when completing the mission.

Logging errors were solved that prevented players from accessing their character.

A problem was solved that caused the sand keys to not fall as expected.

A problem was solved that caused the armor of the Runic Bear to not tile adequately during the wars.

A pet location problem was corrected. Pets placed in a house that would otherwise be empty now stay in the house after the player closes the session, instead of returning the pet to the player s inventory.

AP Southeast servers now show the correct time zone in the game.

A problem with titles was solved: The titles and achievements of the players now appear as planned, and the achievement tab is updated correctly when a new achievement is obtained.

A problem was solved that caused the company s invitations to persisted after rejecting them / accept them.

A problem was solved that caused Rajah s engenders to accumulate forever: A big cat at a time, please!

Speculative corrections

The corrections that are listed below are provisional solutions and mitigations. Our goal is to eliminate these changes and see if the problems persist, so that we can continue working on them and address them in a future update if necessary.

A problem was solved by which wars and invasions began before the scheduled.

Worked to solve a problem in which not all settlement stations are updated as planned when the city s projects are completed.

Players should no longer be stuck when entering or leaving an instance. If a player is reconnected and the character of him is dead, the reappearance screen opens with reappearance options available. Players who are currently stuck should contact the customer service for their character to take off.

New world has been a great success for Amazon since its launch last month. The MMO has attracted the attention of several streamers, which has only increased its popularity. It remains to be seen if the game can keep players interested in the long term, but the updates and improvements in the quality of life as these can only help that cause. New world is now available, exclusively for PC. You can check our previous game coverage here.

Have you been a fan of new world So far? What do you think of the last update of the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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