LOL Simulates the decisive matches of the Worlds 2021 thanks to the application of a fan

We arrived at the decisive days of the group stage of the world championship of League of Legends . After a first round without good results of the European teams and with the real threat that all of them are eliminated, it is time to start making cáballas about what each of the LEC sets need to continue alive in the WORLDS 2021. Some calculations that have become much simpler thanks to a web application created by a fan.

An application to simulate the decisive day of the Worlds 2021

This tool allows us to mark the results of each of the matches that remain to be disputed to observe its effect and simplify the options that each phase progress equipment has. So we can clarify, for example, the group of Mad Lions and understand that lions depend on themselves. In fact, it does not seem to have it so complicated: in 19 of the 24 possible scenarios (taking into account that two games) assure minimal a tiebreaker with only a pair of victories.

The teams that most easily have it from the entire group phase of these worlds 2021 are Edward Gaming , dwg kia and Royal Never Give Up . The three sets got full of victories in the first round and only need to achieve a victory in the decisive day of its corresponding group to be at the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Cup. An enviable situation that is, practically, the pole opposite that of European teams.

To use the application from the computer or a telephone, just click on the row below each of the groups by selecting the results we create most likely and observe how the groups change. Currently there is no team removed from the competition so you can still dream about a combination of unusual results that hurry the hopes of your favorite team.

You can access the application is this simulation website created by a fan.

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