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Ok the campers, get up and shine! – And do not forget your boots because it s cold outside today … In 1993, I saw a small movie from Bill Murray on a man who repeats again and again, and this movie immediately became one from my favorite movies. The news of Groundhog Day Suite was a good news, although it was surprising, although I had to wait over 25 years. And the fact that Groundhog Day: Like Father Like is a video game – and in reality a game in virtual reality – seemed even better. It hurts, however, that I got disappointed after a match. It s not a terrible game, but it could have been so much better. Marmot Day drops: a great idea and emblematic sources: like clumsy execution and the neglected production values ​​of Father Like Son.

Marmot s Day: As a father as a son you play the son of Phil Connors (the hero of the film) while he returns to a controfer in the house of his childhood, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Phil Jr. is a cynic fool, just like his father was before his transformation, and as his father, he is condemned to repeat the same day until he learns important lessons – in his case, the value of the family, friends and to redeem themselves for the past. In terms of gameplay, this means that every day of Phil Jr. is divided into a series of discreet scenes in which you have to say and do the right things, including playing mini-games and solving puzzles, properly to progress and allow Phil. Jr. get free from his own temporal loop. If you fail, you have to go back and replay the scene to do things well.

Marty the Marmot, Canada's mascot of the year, attacked during WHL game (Musical Chairs)
It s not as tedious as it may seem. Whenever you replay a scene, you bring more and more knowledge about the good order of operations. Thus, even the repetitions change because the characters react differently and the story is repeated each time more. Just like Phil Connors had the taste to know everything and to anticipate everything at each rehearsal in the original movie, you will enjoy the power with which you will learn to realize each scene to perfection and to move to the story of the game.

I loved the idea of ​​Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, and it was a treat for us to revisit PunxSutawney and see how these weird characters behaved after more than 25 years. Old Needlenose Ned is back, just as Rita (not larry the cameraman, sorry), and the city is designed exactly as you remember in the movie. The story that appears slowly in the game is also interesting, because you learn that the young Phil Jr. has begun to blame her father who seemed to spend more time worrying about all other people in Punxsutawney, at the Exception of his son.

It is also cool as the story branches according to your dialogue choices, a bit like a teltal game. In fact, I found Groundgog Day: Like Father Like Sound who reminded the older titles of Telttale, especially their 2010 Back to the Future game. The basis of a classic film, the focus on one Small town – even almost – identical challenge behind the scenes – all make this game a tribute to this game, just as much as the Groundhog Day movie. All this is great. The problem is that this day of the marmot: like the Father, his son, the awkward mechanics and the generally unfinished feeling have often ruined the pleasure.

First, there are control mechanisms. Marmot Day: Like Father Like sound being a virtual reality game, you enter and handle objects with a pair of disembodied hands – a common virtual reality method. Press the controller s controller joystick closes your hand, but in the day of the marmot: as a father like son, the detection system is very complex and imprecise. So I found that I had often taken the wrong article. It sometimes risked making the puzzles very frustrating, while I was looking unnecessarily the good angle, or that I was going very slowly to be sure of the product I wanted. In general, I found that the control of the disembodied hands was very naughty and even sometimes glitch, which made the mini-games and the riddles very boring.

And in a strange choice, the developers have also decided to ensure that the system of dialogue follows the same mechanism: you enter your answer to a declaration or question by extending the hand and pressing a bubble floating before you . But again, the choices have been placed so close to each other that I sometimes chose the wrong choice by mistake. It is a crucial gap, because this bad answer might have changed the story later, in a way I would not know.

Physics and production values, in general, did not feel very refined on the Marmot Day: Such a father, such son. Preparing breakfast in a stage, bacon slices were strangely laid on the sides rather than stay flat in the pan. Starting an object, which is sometimes necessary, was always frustrating because the releasing action of the trigger when the object was that the object was moving laterally rather than any right. I was not a fan of style and look. The characters seemed coarse and sometimes even a little grotesque, with little natural robotic movements that often went out of the immersion – for example, they often did not look at the person they spoke, but watched in a random direction, or at Me, with dead eyes. Overall, I was disappointed this day of the marmot: Such a father, as a son seems a bit worse than the old game back to the future I mentioned, which dates from 10 years.

Day after the marmot: As a father, his son was actually an excellent game idea. And it was nice to come back and watch PunxSutawney in 3D, from the first person s point of view. I also liked all the small references and reminders of the film dotted everywhere (yes, you can drink to world peace ). But too often, the values ​​of game and production took it step on joy. I do not know if the developers have been pressed by time or budget constraints, but overall they felt pressed and uncolished. As I said earlier, it s not so much the day of the marmot: Such a father, like son, it s a totally bad game. It s really disappointing that it s not much better.

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