Today s Steam Battlefield 2042 Test Two Days Tong Tong Tong

The Battlefield 2042 momentum written to 120,000 organizations first on the first day of testing. The maximum number of concurrent users the next day decreased as 7,000 people and fell 11th.

Battlefield Latest Work Battlefield 2042 began a two-day pre-experience for booking buyers from last 6 days. While the waiting of the long fans were through the waiting for the first day of the test, it recorded 127,114 per day and recorded 7th in the same time, but the evaluation between the users is staggered and the next day was the next day, and decreased to 11/18,461.

The common points of experiencing games are common, and the point of piability is difficult and the map is too wide, and the point of individuality is reduced, and the public content is too limited. The number of users can change positively 8 days at 6 pm, and anyone needs to be able to participate in a public test that can participate.

Other than that, the Battlefield 2042 takes the team fortress, and the number of rust users increased again 9th. In the subordinate, FIFA 22 and Mir 4 Arc: Survival Ilover and Cookie Clicker were pushed and returned back to 20th place.

In the world s best sales volume, the Battlefield 2042 and the New World are considering 1, 2nd, and the second sea exploration survival game Subnotika: Bilo Zero released the first discount on the top of the world s top sales products. Subnotika released in May: Bilo Zero is dealing with the background of the poem at the previous time. The steam user s assessment is very positive (527 participation, 91% positive), and it is the first 25% discount after launch, and you can buy a game in 23,250 won by October 12.

The 6th place was 6th in the sales volume, and the Dark Fantasy Worldview Rights RTS, which was released on the 8th, and the Age of Darkness, who was a new work and Age of Darkness. It is aimed at building a defense against the evil that appears in the fog, and it is advantageous to keep the hero unit to grow the hero unit to keep the barrier. In addition, the number of rising fluctuations has not been large, but the outer world has been around 67% and entered 10th.

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