The latest video of Microsoft Flight Simulator dives deep into the cockpits

Michael Scott would have a great day with this title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator looks stunning, and I m not just graphic (on which front it looks like it would be the best-looking game ever done). I also mean how much attention to detail was given and how far beyond the developers seems to go beyond the authenticity.

We have already seen earlier videos that demonstrate this point, but the latest ones we got today is another memory of this fact. It is a video that dives deep in cockpits, from where of course you actually fly the airplanes, from which you fly in the game. It is unbelievable Whe much detail is in these cockpits, up to the individual switches and displays. It is encouraging to see that Microsoft has taken this part of the work as seriously as you – even if the beautiful views you have made loving in the game, ensure better marketing, the cockpit is an extremely important part of A flugsimulator too .

You can view the video below.

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