Twitch touched by a huge confidential data leakage

Social networks have rapidly spreading the news, Twitch has become a reference service around the world, especially with the Gamers community, many millions of which are every day on the streaming platform.

According to the first elements, all the sources of TWITCH since its beginnings would have leaked, as well as many vital elements to ensure the safety of the site.

In addition, the revenues that some streamers have been receiving since 2019 would have also been disclosed, just like the project to create a competing game sales platform in Steam and Epic Games Store.

passwords to change

Above all, the encrypted passwords of several thousand users have been prevalent in nature. If it is not yet possible to identify the relevant user accounts or their exact number, in doubt it is strongly recommended to change your passwords if you have a Twitch account.

A change is possible directly in the parameters of the site or application. Do not forget to opt for two-step authentication, which allows you to protect your account at best.

IT Looks like Twitch Has Been Hacked in a massive breach. A 125GB File Reportedly Includes Twitch Source Code, Details ON Creator $$$ Payouts, and Even A Steam Competitor. Full Details Here:

  • Tom Warren (@tomwarren) October 6, 2021

At a time when we write these lines, Twitch has not yet reacted formally about this leak and has also not specified whether the disclosed documents are very authentic.

However, some well-informed streamers say that documents with their income is reliable, while temperating the reality of the numbers that would not take into account other factors.

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