FIFA 22 offers a more realistic football than ever The football player Borja Iglesias is clear

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FIFA 22 takes a few days between us and a debate is being generated between the community due to the slowest rhythm that this new delivery has. Thus, he has returned the cyclical conversation about what is similar to the video game of EA SPORTS to real football .

To that, those who see the matches from the stands of the stadiums or from the couch of our house ganchitos and beer in hand, we can not comment too much. Although it is lawful to have an impression on whether what we feel with the command in the hands looks like when we see a real meeting.

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Thus, an interesting debate has begun after a commentary of Axel Martínez, a regular narrator of FIFA Meetings , who does not think that this new delivery resembles nothing to reality. The you say that this FIFA resembles real football do not deceive you, it is your perfect excuse to say that you can win games to people who are infinitely superior to you in skill but the game favors you, be honest. And In passing, look at a little football.

There are many answers about it, but it highlights especially that of Borja Iglesias, front of Real Betis and co-owner of Dux Gaming . The Galician footballer has always evidenced the passion of him by video games, and he is one of the few who can have a better idea of ​​differences between FIFA and what lives on the playgrounds for the profession of him.

I have no idea and obviously I am very bad, but I think it s a more real football , says Churches, standing on the side of those who believe that this FIFA 22 is more realistic than the From last season. EA Sports has balanced the game with the use of Hypermotion technology and a better AI at the time of defensive positioning that Lastra to those players who were skilled with Skills and dribbling. Now, it is necessary to make plays, as in real football.

A healthy debate between both parties, where they have also gotten toniemcee to enhance that Borja s comment will rise the Actions of EA Sports or the humorist Manuel Hudo by challenging the panda to play a match with the Controls in manual, and not automatic.

We, as almost always, we are on the boat of Borja , and yes we think that FIFA 22 is more realistic than ever. We tell you about our analysis.

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