The Last of US Series shows first teaser picture by Joel Ellie and it looks like in the game

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Naughty Dog celebrated the annual the last of us Day at the weekend, some of you still know as the Outbreak Day. The developer studio promised some news on the occasion of the celebrations. In addition to merchandise such as figures and music, there was an official teaser image from the series of the same name, which gives a first impression of the mood.

How to see Joel and Ellie in the Last of US series

What to see on the teaser picture? The teaser image shows the two acting Bella Ramsey as Ellie and Pedro Pascal as Joel. The two are turned to the camera with their backs and have a crashed airplane wreck in view, in which all sorts of inventories and material could be for plunder:

The mood in the picture is perfectly reproduced by the cloudy sky and the shady, abandoned field. In The Last of Us, the Cordyceps pandemic has an icy end-time mood that trapped the creators of the series well. The picture could come just as well from the game.

There were already pictures from the series? So far, fans could only admire pictures of the set of video game adaptation on which urban locations were to be seen. In addition, there were already first photos of the cities of Boston and Austin to admire the prominent places in the video game.

Other news about The Last of Us at a glance:

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Outbreak Day 1
All information about the LAST OF US series

Over time, more and more information about the The Last of US Series. So we already know that 10 episodes are planned for the first season and may be followed by seven other seasons. However, we still do not know exactly when exactly the HBO series will go to the start.

What will it go in the series? In terms of content it should go primarily around the first part of The Last of Us. But the makers already betrayed that there could be accessories from The Last of Us: Part 2 into the series.

Next to Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker and Con O Neill play in the series. Which actors will occur in the series otherwise, you can easily read in our Day review article.

How do you find the teaser picture from the series?

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