NBA News Lakers star LeBron James confirms Corona

After initial skepticism, LeBron James decided to vaccinate against the Coronavirus, confirming the Lakers star at Media Day on Tuesday. Russell Westbrook meanwhile announced to get better on the side of Kings.

I can only speak for myself, everyone has to make his own decision. I was skeptical at first, but after I have informed myself, I had the feeling that it is the best not only for me, but for my friends and my family James explained his decision for vaccination.

The vaccination status of some NBA stars had triggered great discussions in recent days. Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving, both of which have not been vaccinated so far, could possibly be available due to local regulations in the home games of the Warriors or Nets. In addition, the Corona protocol of NBA provides restrictions for non-vaccinated players, similar as in the previous year. Vaccinated players are largely freed from it.

Our ultimate goal is the profit of the Championship, Stressed LeBron. And that starts with health, that s the most important thing. We are excited to know that we give ourselves the opportunity to all available together. According to co-star Anthony Davis, the complete squad of the Lakers is vaccinated.

Apart from the vaccination status, Lebron also explained that after his ankle infringement from the previous year, he was back at 100 percent from the previous year: I feel great to start the camp. I worked hard on my body and my game. I will also transfer it to the Court

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There he and Davis in person of Russell Westbrook find a new, third star at their side. After the trade for the Point Guard, criticism came to his fits on the side of LeBron and AD. Westbrook itself does not worry: It will work.

This was clear to him at the first joint workout, so the 32-year-old: I understand the dedication that it takes, I understand the victims I have to bring and also AD for the well-being of the team. We will find ways to find to win a championship. And that s the ultimate goal.

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Westbrook is sure that he will be even better on the side of James and thanks to the numerous duels in training. If you get the chance to play against one of the best players of all time, then helps your game, said the Point Guard. It helps me with the preparation, it helps me to focus me. I m looking forward to the things we can achieve together.

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