The Last of Us HBO presents the first official image of the series with Ellie and Joel

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Last Sunday was held the The Last of Us Day , once known as the Outbreak Day . Be that as it may, we talk about the official day of The Last of Us, in which Creators and Fans meet to celebrate their passion for the adventure of Naughty Dog . The California company promised to show unpublished content this Sunday and has fulfilled it, although perhaps you know little by little fans for all the novelties of the Last of US HBO series.

The fact is that, as many expected, Naughty Dog has published the First official image of The Last of Us series , starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. After several months of filtered images since its filming, we receive an official scene at last extracted directly from the footage of the series, with the actors put into their papers as Joel and Ellie .

And a little more. At the end there was no teaser trailer Nor an advance of any kind, even though the filming of the first episode ended a month ago, so the followers of the saga should wait a bit more to see in action this ambitious Live-Action project that costs more than 10 million dollars per episode.

The Last of US series in HBO continues in production , with Naughty Dog involved in its elaboration and several directors in charge. In fact, Neil Druckmann himself will direct some of the episodes of the series, in addition to having been responsible for adapting the original material. For the part of the games, and if you have not yet tried the last delivery, this is the analysis of The Last of US: Part II.

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