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Hello, I am a hedgehog, I don t know the last article Raiders Is it helpful to everyone? Recently, I hardally climbed to 6200 points of honor Dark Master!

Today, I have to teach everyone a thing that must be done every day, so that you will lose less money to enhance the card group and get a better gaming experience. If you have interest to spend money to pay Hoggaz tuition, you will also explain those things to make your improvement more.

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Must do every day

师 互

This part is the only place in the current day in the day. 10 rescue from the wizards to social in the day, 10 times a day, each rescue can get 1 thank you letter, the fastest way is to quickly join the contraindication forest Rescue.

Thank you letter to the mysterious store to exchange, the most important thing is You can change the two clues every day. This clue has accelerated We will get a golden reconial time in the previous period. Let you win. Point.

College activities

In the activity of the picture, you can see the travel table of the school activities of the school, Get up to 15 winners can receive free gemstone weekly, basically spending very little, can be shared in a worship , it can be said that it is a very Buddha s heart.

堂 换

In the main map picture, you can go to the classroom. Every time you go to class, you can get a score of about 70 points. The upper limit is 200 points. The most important thing is that the point can accumulate up to six hundred points , that is, say today If you are very tired to solve it, you can accumulate it to tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow.

The points can be exchanged in the class of the classroom exchange. It is recommended that Weekly lavender must be shipped with , you can increase the number of times of opening the treasure chest, accelerate the advancement of our main line plot. There are many points to prioritize the first layer of formulations, unlock the secondary intermediate formulation, and the Memolive water (medium) is very easy to use, when the prohibition of the forest can get a reverberation You can use it, increase our chance to get the golden echo.

Daily gold coins

You can get up to 1200 gold coins per day. If you don t exclude duel, it is recommended to be full every day, because the resources of gold coins will be very lacking in the back, every time you upgrade your card, you have a lot of gold coins. If the gold coin is not enough, not only the quality of the card is not available. Improve, the level of the spell will not go.

作业 (collaboration task)

You can see the collaboration tasks shared by others in the social network. Access to collaboration tasks can get additional gift box points. If there is no friends with free time, you can do much as possible, and the upper limit of daily is three times.

Collaboration tasks can quickly improve our gift box grade, and it is also a way to speed up our improvement.

金 指南

每日 特惠

First, Basic Curse Guide I personally think that it is busy, 170 yuan can receive seven days, equal to spending a bottle of drinks every day, let everyone have a foundation day experience.

In the case of the general situation, the Cutrianship is more favorable than the Advanced Cycle Guidelines . Players who are too trouble or do not want to use other ways can purchase the Magic Curse Group strength.

Last enlightena s bottom epic , and there is also a guaranteed legends every 30, but also as long as the gemstone in the day is also a card package that must be bought daily.

Limit discounts

In the hot sale in the upper right corner, it will often jump out of the limited time discount. First, we must remind everyone that this limited time will continue to repeat the , even if you don t buy it, you will have a while, so everyone must first Abandon this concept of limited time .

So how do you have a gift package worth buying? The first thing I have to mention is still looking at everyone s own economic ability, but when everyone is to a certain level (the average quality of the card is approol level 10, I think the universal card will be more attractive than the legendary card. I have some , because the low grade card is not the value of the value after the score, so it is better than the new legendary card or unstable draw, I think the cost of money and universal cards will be higher.

However, for the length of the class, each package must be, so fragrance! Class! I need that Cool East! ! !

华 礼盒 (月 card)

The last strong proposal to buy a luxurious gift box, which is our commonly known as the monthly card. As long as you solve some daily, you can receive additional rewards, Deluxe gift box is the whole day most cost-effective Products , if there is a player who wants to play, it is strong enough to buy a luxurious gift box, which can reduce the burden for the lottery pack.

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