Blasphemous correction of a controller bug

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In Blasphematoire , you will cross the cursed country of Cvstodia. You play on The Penal One, the only survivor of a brutal massacre. It s up to you to start with an endless cycle of death and rebirth as you try to save the world.

Blasphemous: Fixed a controller bug

Before you can do anything, you may need to handle a bug that affects some players. Many people have discovered that they were unable to get off a level, which is about one of the most fundamental parts of a metroidvania game like this. If you can not get off a level, you can not play. Fortunately, the solution is very simple.

All you have to do is deactivate V-Sync, and it should work properly from that moment. The problem seems to be widespread among people who have monitors that will exceed 60 FPS, especially people who use 144 Hz monitors.

To disable V-Sync, just go into the game options. If you are at stake, simply open the screen of your card and you will be able to access the game options available by pressing X / Square.

I do not know why, but it s certainly not the first time that the shooting rates and the game mechanisms are strangely linked, and it seems to be the problem here. Honestly, I could not even try to explain the technical reasons for the problem, but the problem is known since the demonstration, the disabling of V-sync seems to solve the problem in almost any case.

So, now that the problem is resolved, you can engage in the trip from penitture and face the dark and dangerous world of Blasphemous.

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