Hay Day Pop Supercells Newest game starts soft

From nothing, the giant of the mobile game industry Supercell brought his newest game on the market. No, it is not another entry in the Battle Royale or Car Chess Genre, but a match-3 puzzler in the Hay Day Universe. I bet you did not see that.

Hay Day Pop is described as Match-and-Solve Puzzle , where you master simple match 3 challenges and collect ordinary rewards for creating your own farm. As with the original Hay Day they plant plants, decorate their new home and take care of their many cute animals. Https://twitter.com/haydayPop/Status/1239574026307227650 On the road, special tools and boosters can be used to mitigate the many burdens of life on a digital farm. If you achieve a considerable profit series, you will receive bonuses and so-called star rewards .

The gameplay also has a social aspect: you have the opportunity to meet and play with other players to improve the leaderboards together.

The reactions of the fans to the announcement on Reddit were mixed. Nevertheless, it is important to note that most people – I self-enclosed – still had no chance to try it.

The last match of Supercell, Rush Wars, was already canceled in development as it is repeated and fun.

Dave had a preview last year and mostly found it solid, albeit unobtrusive. Could Hay Day Pop face the same destiny? Maybe … but it is important to be noted that it is more likely to appeal than many of Supercell s most popular and best known titles, which means that commentators, the reddit complain about that it is not another Brawl Star, probably not the Target Demo are.

It is currently unclear when we can count on a global start, provided he survives the strict assessment of Supercell. Those based in Australia, New Zealand or Finland can Hay Day Pop now in Soft Launch on iOS and Android. Other countries will be received at a later date.

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