Glasner and the process

The 2. Bundesliga (Zweite Bundesliga [ˈtsvaɪtə ˈbʊndəsˌliːɡa] is the 2nd division of professional football in Germany. It was applied 11 years after the beginning of the Fußball-Bundesliga as the new second department for professional football. The 2. Bundesliga is ranked listed below the Bundesliga as well as above the 3. Liga in the German football league system. Every one of the 2. Bundesliga clubs certify for the DFB-Pokal, the yearly German Cup competition. A total amount of 127 clubs have contended in the 2. Bundesliga given that its structure.
The decision to establish the league as the 2nd degree of football in West Germany was made in May 1973. The league began operating in August 1974, after that with two divisions of 20 clubs. It was lowered to a single division in 1981. From the 1991– 92 season onwards clubs from previous East Germany started taking part in the league, briefly expanding it to 2 divisions again. It went back to a solitary division layout once more at the end of that period and has actually had 18 clubs as its toughness considering that 1994. 2 clubs from the 2. Bundesliga are straight advertised to the Bundesliga, while a 3rd promoted club is identified via play-offs, from 1974 to 1991 and once again because 2008. Between 1991 as well as 2008 the third-placed club in the league was directly promoted. The bottom clubs in the league are delegated to the 3rd department; from 1974 to 1994 the Oberliga, from 1994 to 2008 the Regionalliga and given that 2008 the 3. Liga. The variety of delegated clubs has risen and fall over the years. Since 2008 2 clubs are straight delegated while the third-last team has the possibility to defend its league location in play-offs against the 3rd put group of the 3. Liga.
1. FC Nürnberg, SC Freiburg, 1. FC Köln, Arminia Bielefeld and also VfL Bochum hold the document variety of championships in the league with 4 each. Bielefeld additionally holds the document for number of promotions from the 2. Bundesliga to the Bundesliga, with eight.
For the 2018– 19 season, approximately 19,128 viewers seen 2. Bundesliga matches, making the 2. Bundesliga the world s 2nd most-watched second football league, after the EFL Champion in England.

The situation already knows the Eintracht as similar from the past season: at that time, between the 6th and the 10th match day, there were also five draws in a row. After all, the SGE had two seasonal victories and eight counters in the account at this time.

Now it s even more extreme. According to defeats in Cup and League at the beginning, the Eintracht has been fraternally divided the points – including Europa League six times in a row, most recently there were five 1: 1 in a row.

We Lechzen all

If you look positive, the Eintracht has been unbeaten for over a month. But on the other hand, trainer Glasner is still waiting for his first victory as a coach of the Hesse. We all leches after this first victory, said Glasner after the next 1: 1 against the 1st FC Cologne at the Sky microphone.

You realize that one or the other plays Bundesliga for the first time. We just do this process through this process.

Oliver glassner

His team was very committed to his team after a difficult first half in the second round, but in the final phase, however, the very great determination was missing again, the 1-1 was ultimately rectified. The guys have invested a lot. But you have to say, the last few weeks have left traces. We are missing the safety. , Analyzed Glasner – and explains why the last quixter is still missing: You realize that one or more Others play Bundesliga for the first time. We re just going through this process. An acclimatization phase for the new additions so? With Jakic, Hauge, Lammers and Borré, four actors were in the starting eleven, which changed only in summer after Hesse. Lastly, at least Köln reached his first goal with the eagle on the chest.

That annoys me the most

All four new ones can be found in front of the defensive chain – this should actually be recorded. Maybe therefore, Glasner also puts his finger in the wound in the defensive. After a clarified corner, the Eintracht switched off at the second wave, Hector and Skhiri gave too much free space and was punished by the 0: 1. That annoys me the most. Getting the goal so, that s just too cheap!

Rear too cheap , at the front with adaptation problems. Glasner knows the problems clearly. If it goes to Glasner, it should already be better on Thursday (18.45 clock) at Royal Antwerp FC and the first threesome ago.

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