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To take something with a grain of salt or pinch of salt is an English idiom that recommends to see something, specifically claims that may be misleading or unverified, with uncertainty or to not analyze something literally.In the antique English systems of weight, a grain weighs about 65 mg, which has to do with just how much table salt an individual might get between the fingers as a pinch.

When you browse the information of the day on the Internet, you must take a lot of things with a grain of salt. The April Fool s Day, you must assume that there will be people who will try to waste your time with false stories. Sometimes there are just beautiful sources that just want to make you laugh. Take Remedy for example. This year, they made a semi-trailer for Control. Control (1996) is a pixeled version of the 2019 Hit and I must say that it looks pretty well.

The false trailer announces the game for PS1. It has all the charm of the video games of the 1990s as the image format 4: 3, absolutely no shadows or lighting effects, and graphic problems (I think the jesse pistol is perpetually. above his head). As much a joke that it … can we … have that …? Please? Maybe like a free content update? You have a ton of games that can change the game filters on the fly and remasters that can return to classic graphics. Even Control: Ultimate Edition can already switch from performance mode to graphic mode. Come on, Remedy. It s a good idea. You can have it for free.

Although there are necessarily false ads for the time and long-awaited games, these are the kind of april s announcements of April that we like to see. Let s just have fun and do not pull on people s hearts. Replace the PS5 controller from your roommate with an XSX controller, plant a false spider in the bathtub, refuse to pay your rent; You know, a harmless pleasure. Control is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Would you like to play this rendering of Control? Let us know in the comments below.

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