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In the following days and weeks after our article, there has been a lot to work around Wargaming and the relationship with your players. Therefore, we have completed the article in the end around some sections. See here.

Original message: Although World of Warships never approached the tremendous success of World of Tanks, one could designate the game as a success. Many million players were traveling for years on the oceans, fighting in random battles and gave a lot of money for various premium ships. The latter is a reason why it is hot in recent days at World of Warships and in the community. But why exactly? After all, premium products that you can buy for real money, but for many years to be firmly in the shop of each Free2play title. Wargaming, however, for some time in a different direction – very much to displace the players and just the content creator from the community contributor program.

Table of contents

  1. Community Contributor Program – The Show Player

  2. Aggressive monetization and Lootbox gambling

  3. Toxic behavior of the developers?

  4. Wargaming reacts – and makes everything worse!

  5. Wargaming offended streamer

  6. Open letter to the community!

  7. Former employees shoot against wargaming

Community Contributor Program – The Show Player

First, we have to explain what is actually the community contributor program. In short, these are selected players who primarily play World of Warships and create content – be it in the form of YouTube video or live streams on Twitch. In return, you get now and then smaller goodies of Wargaming. For example, premature access to new ships or giveaways for your respective communities. In principle, what is known today as an influencer.
Wargaming and your CCTP program but one step further. The Contributors are talking to the developers, give them first feedback and continue to carry the opinions and moods from the community to the developers. They act as influencers and community managers alike. Since they themselves benefit themselves, the whole thing is a win-win situation for all sides – at least in theory.

But now 22 of the community distributors have left the ship wargaming. But why?

Aggressive monetization and Lootbox gambling

Wargaming has always been particularly small when it comes to prices for new premium ships. These can well and like 60 euros or more costs. But that s not a new development, but always so. Since no player is forced to buy these ships (premium ships are not better than other ships, but are considered collective objects), high prices were often critically seen, but tolerated. But that has changed a bit in the younger past.
Could you soon buy a new premium ship in the shop and knew exactly what you get for your money, this is increasingly different today. More and more often new ships are not direct to buy, but only to have random packages. These in turn need to buy players in the game with Dublonen, which are purchased by real money. This leads to two problems.
Whether you call you Lootboxen or Super Container – gambling remains gambling. Source: Wargaming On the one hand, these random packages, now yes, just random. A targeted buying of the ship is not possible or only at a later date possible. If you absolutely want to have the new ship, rely on good luck in the Lootbox lottery.
On the other hand, the perception of the players blurs how much money they actually spend. Because instead of simply watching x euros in the shop, players should first convert dublones into euros and then look like expensive is a box and how many crates do I need to get the ship. The rather low prices of individual boxes lure then to buy a few more, without any thing clear, how much money you have already spent. This is also the case with the return of the USS Missouri to the game. A very popular ship where many players are interested.

The community contributors have been considered very critical for quite some time. Such a monetizing strategy is at a game, which as a target group also has children (international age release is PEGI 7, the USK classifies wows than from 12) not to tolerate. Apparently many of the contributors have been reported to the developers for this type of feedback, which we come to the next point.

Toxic behavior of the developer?

Some of the contributors complain about an increasingly toxic relationship with the developers. Where the communication was in two directions, it has now become a one-way street. Feedback is ignored or discontinued with snippets and males. You did not want to appreciate the contributors, but only see them as tools to sell their own opinion and get more or less free Advertising for World of Warships (Buy € 26.30). The times in which the developers would have laid in the opinion of the contributors and their community, have been over for several years.

Of course, this point can not be validate as we have no insight into the relationship between Wargaming and the Contributors. However, similar allegations in the past came up more often.
World of Warships is currently moving in troubled drivers. Source: Wargaming In the case of the player APRILWHITEMOUSE, however, lacked internal communication. She should design a ship to Canada Day for Wargaming and put a lot of time and work in. But then one knew at the competent authorities obviously nothing more of it and the ships announced then had little more to do with the design of the streamer.

Wargaming reacts – and makes everything worse!

After first the well-known Warships Streamer Themightyjingles, who is perpetuated at least as a captain in the game, returned from the program, followed many more. Overall, 22 of the 74 Contributors are now to leave the program. Incidentally, you will all be conducted as active on the official website of Wargaming.

A few days later, Wargaming was apparently forced to comment on the official forum. But that poured even more water on the mills of critics. Although one spoke to the current problem with the USS Missouri, but it avoided to comment on the allegations of the Lootbox gambling. In addition, only reported, you will soon get the ship on other ways – without revealing details.

Hello everyone,

WE AWFULY SORRY THAT APRILWHITEMOUSE AND OTHER CCS ARE NO LONGER A Part of Our Community Contributors Program, And We d Like Them Know They wants be missed. WE Respect Their Decision and Want to Thank Them For Their Contributions, Devotion, And Passion for the Game and Program Over Several Years. WE Wish All of Them Best of Luck and Hope That they Will Stay in Touch With US Nevertheless, We Will Always Be Here to Talk.

We Understand That Ther Are Several Causes That Have LED US To This Situation And That WE HAVE UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED MANY OF OUR CCS AND PLAYERS. While Some Of Thesis Causes Are Self-Explanatory, And Our Commitment To Fix Them Remains, There Are A Few Specific Points We d Like To Comment ON:

WE APPRECIATE THE COMMUNITY FEEDBACK ABOUT Missouri Being Obtainable Via Random Bundles Exclusively in 0.10.7. We ve Been Discussing This Since Last Week and Decided to Add to Alternative Way to Purchase The Ship. WE wants providing details on our devblog soon.
On The Topic of Missouri, We Know That There is Open Question Whether Her Earnings Are On Par With The Pre-Update Version, Especially Considering Signal Flags and Camouflage Bonuses. Weome CareFully Analyzing Her Adjusted Earnings Following The Update, And Will Share Our Decision Whether Adjustments To The Mission ARE TO BE MADE.
Regardless of aprilwhitemouse s CC Membership Status, We Will Stay True to Our Commitment to Release HMCS Huron in 2022. She s Been Added to Our Production Plans and is scheduled to Arrive Around Late Summer 2022.

Best regards,
Wows team

Really ornament is the community but that in the opinion is not a single word of apology. After all, several contributors raised serious allegations. Instead, the developers needed several days for a dry opinion. Wargaming is obviously aware of any guilt and keeps the course.

The following sections were added to 16.09.2021:

Wargaming offended streamer

The Best Rocket League Game Ever!

It was not quiet at Wargaming in the days after the first opinion. But on the contrary! It then becomes an unsightly incident. Wargaming regularly brought bonus codes under people, with which you can get a few small goodies in the game. And one of the last of them contained a not very well hidden insult to one of the former Community Contributor (code name: W0LAXU5 FKUTURY 5). Wargaming apologized immediately, suspended the responsible employee and brought a bonus code called Turrywearesorry under people.

Open letter to the community!

That was probably too much too much and so was forced at Wargaming to come up with a large round stuck position and so the leadership of Wargaming reported to speak.
With a very detailed, open letter to the community, they apologized to all involved and of course admitted improvement. In the future, you want to put more transparency in all decisions in the day and the feedback of the players again weighted.
The monetization, however, will hardly change. Wargaming stressed to hold on to the applicable laws on every market. In the future, however, there will be increasingly alternative ways to get new ships even without loot boxes. Speaking of Lootboxen: Wargaming also announced in the opinion, soon to make the drop rates of all Lootboxes and random packages publicly.

Former employees shoot against wargaming

But that was ultimately not done, because the trouble continued. In addition to the community contributors, former employees now shot against Wargaming. Zachary Cabmech Doig, spent a few days after the great opinion after more than five years his departure at Wargaming and moved directly over the former employer from the leather. One would sacrifice employees of the lower floors to overhoot their own misconduct. He also spoke of a general toxic corporate culture that would prevail at Wargaming for at least four years. In a later farewell stream, he found a little more insurable words, but did not take the allegations per se. An official opinion on the part of Wargaming for leaving Cabmech is still off.

Whether one considers all the allegations to be coated or justified whether the contents of the first opinions as pure PR-arises can be piled up, or to believe wargaming belief: it beams in the community of World of Warships and World of Tanks. And Wargaming has recognized that in the future, such problems can no longer be dilated, but must – as the reaction looks ultimately in detail.

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