Pok mon Go How to use the community day with Ottaro right

On Sunday, 19 September 2021, Inpokémon Go takes place another community day. In the month of September, the monster Ottaro is the focus of this event. We from Meinmmo have viewed us what awaits you this day and which bonuses you can look forward to seeing you.

What is this for an event? The Community Day is a special day in Pokémon Go, where a previously fixed Pokémon is the focus. During the event, this monster then spawns more frequently and also the Shiny Rate is significantly increased. Thus, your chances of getting good one or even several of them.

In addition to the Pokémon you will also expect numerous bonuses. In the month of September, everything revolves around the water Pokémon Ottaro during the Community Days.

Community Day in September 2021 – start time and bonuses

What? The Community Day with Ottaro
When? Sunday, 19 September 2021, from 11:00 to 17:00 Location time
Pokémon of the day: Ottaro will spawn more common during the event and attracted over rain-lock modules
Exclusive attack :
– Aquaubitzer, if your Ottaro develops up to two hours after the event to Admurai
– Lime blade, Admurai can then learn this permanently, so even after the event
– 3-fold EP when catching Pokémon
– smoke holds 3 hours
– Lockmodule hold 3 hours

Thus you have 6 hours again on Sunday to catch Ottaro as part of the Community Days. Also uses smoke and / or lock modules to get even more Ottaro. Thus, basically also a play of home is possible.

This is in the Ingame Shop Store: In connection with the Community Day you can buy further content in the Ingame-Shop:

The Ottaro Special Research by Seashell To Long Sword for 1.00 Euro

A box to community day with 50 Hyper balls, 5 lucky eggs, 5 rain lock modules and a top instant TM for 1,280 coins

So you use the community day in September correctly

Meet this preparation : Something needed for all events in Pokémon Go balls. Because without this you can not catch monsters. So that you do not have to turn directly back to a pokéstop or an arena, we recommend you a stock of at least 350 balls.

Of course, you should also create space in your Pokémon storage in advance. Then you do not always have to rate your prisoner monsters and can fully focus on catching.

Uses these items to community day: As with other community days, Ottaro brings you a special loading attack. So you want to develop the water-pokémon over Zwarttronin to Admurai to get this, then you will cost some sweets. That’s a reason to catch as many Ottaro as possible.

Another reason is the EP bonus that you will receive for catching Pokémon. To attract as many Ottaro as possible, you should therefore make use of smoke and rain-lock modules during the event. Both keep 3 hours on this day. So you play the full time, then you need 2 each.

To increase your sweets, you should also keep one or the other Sananabere ready. Also the benefit of happiness eggs can be useful on this day. These double your EP each for half an hour.

Is the Community Day worthwhile?

It’s so strong: With Ottaro is a starter Pokémon from the 5th generation of water. It can evolve about Zwarttronin to Admurai. Stark is not Ottaro and Zwarttronin can not convince with its values ​​in the attack, defense and stamina.

The 3rd further development Admurai can already show something better values, but still does not belong to the strongest attackers in the game. Thus, all three developments are rather poor candidates for use in RAIDS or the PVP league (via pvpoke.com).

There are Ottaro as Shiny? Yes, you can meet Ottaro in his dazzling form in the game. Ottaro recognizes at his blue suit and the pink nose. His further development Zwarttronin has a turquoise body and a purple rock.

At Admurai, the difference becomes particularly clear. This monster has a dark blue body in its dazzling shape and a bronze armor.

The event is worthwhile? Yes, even if Ottaro and its further developments do not belong to the strongest monsters, you should use the community day. In particular, Shiny hunters come to their costs. But that’s not the main reason why the event is worthwhile.

Through the triple EP bonus when catching Pokémon, this event is particularly suitable for coaches, which are still missing experience points for climb to Level 50. It offers you a good opportunity to farm neat EP on this day.

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