Pok mon GO Guide for the Day of the Community of September 2021 OSHAWOTT

The day of the Community of September 2021 in Pokémon Go is about to begin. Legends Pokémon it wLegends Pokémon already confirmed weeks ago, Oshawott , the Pokémon Otter, initial water type of the Teselia and Legends Pokémon Arceus in HISUI, is the star day star of the Ninth month of the year in Pokémon Go . The most expected social moment of each month in the Niantic game for iOS and Android invites us, c Legends Pokémon we always do in Meristation, to offer you a complete guide with all the features and tips to take advantage of it to the fullest. We know all the details of this day of the community, which will allow us to access Samurott with a special, exclusive movement of the event.

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Community Day of September 2021; Date, schedule and bonus

Community Day of September 2021 is celebrated this Sunday, September 19, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Local time . A total of six hours, Legends Pokémon we have already seen in previous Community Day since 2020, so that everyone can comfortably choose when to participate and avoid hours of the day with a lot of heat or very cold, depending on whether you read us from the hemisphere North or South. What will not change is OSHAWOTT, which will appear during those six hours much more frequently in the wild and with the possibility that it appears in SHINY / VARIOCOLOR.

The first important point of this day of the community is that Oshawott will be attracted to the rainy bait modules, more incentive to activate them and be comfortably seeing that the Oshawott themselves approach our coach.

Exclusive movement for Samurott: HYDROBAÑÓN

In addition, if we evolve an OSHAWOTT to DeWott during the event or up to two hours after it is finished, the Samurott resulting from that evolutionary chain will learn the movement HYDROBANDON , a water-loaded water movement with 90 power and 47.37 DPS. Legends Pokémon a rule, it is a movement that learned BlLegends Pokémontoise, Feraligator and Swampert, but not Samurott under normal conditions.

OSHAWOTT -> 25 candies -> DeWott -> 100 candies -> Samurott

On the other hand, it is important to also comment that Samurott will learn shell edge, another interesting charged attack that comes to stay; He can learn even when he finishes the day of the community.

Finally, these are the three confirmed bonus for this Community Day of September dedicated to Oshawott.

Triple of px per capture
Incens activated during the event will have a duration of three hours
The bait modules activated during the event will also lLegends Pokémont three hours, 180 minutes.

For the price of a dollar (or equivalent), we will unlock the exclusive Special Research History of the Oshawott Community Day, de VieirLegends Pokémon to Sables . From all its prizes, one of them will be a rainy bait module , which Legends Pokémon we have seen is important to attract OSHAWOTT during the event.

Recommendations for the Day of the Community of September 2021

Legends Pokémon we usually do in our community day guides of Pokémon Go, this time our advice starts by recommending us that you take all possible objects during the days prior to the celebration of community day, so that when starting do not accuse a lack of Poké Ball, possible berries, etc. In addition, we recommend that you releLegends Pokémone a sufficient amount of repeated Pokémon so that the Pokémon bag is not filled. In this particular cLegends Pokémone, on the day of the September community it is important that we take over sufficient ranked bait modules , so that oshawott will be more attracted to normal at your position.

It is also recommended that you have numerous incense , which will serve to attract a greater number of Pokémon to your range of reach, and that you have with so much Bay Pinia Legends Pokémon Bay Pinia Silver -More Candies of the normal by capture – so that you always have sufficient candies for an evolution. If you are complicated by a combat, Berry Frambu or Berry Frambu Dorada, better not risk if an Oshawott Shiny / Variocolor appears.

On the other hand, we recommend that if you capture an OSHAWOTT with good genetics you put it Legends Pokémon your companion to win candies and friendship when walking. The Ultra Ball must be your Ball chosen for the important catches to be the one that hLegends Pokémon a higher catch ratio. Before finishing, we remember that if you have in mind upload your experience points you activate an lucky egg Legends Pokémon soon Legends Pokémon you start your participation in the Community Day of this month.

Good luck at your goal by finding a great Oshawott Shiny Full IVs Able to become a brand new Samurott with hydrobañón.

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