Rocksmith moved to 2022

The release of Rocksmith + has been postponed to 2022. Actually, the PC version should appear in summer and the console versions in autumn. The developers want to use feedback from the closed beta to improve the game to ensure a better experience.

A Message to Our Rocksmith Community Rocksmith

  • ubisoft uk (@ubisoft uk) September 14, 2021

Rocksmith + is a subscription service from Ubisoft, with which you can learn the guitar performance and to further refine its techniques with licensed songs. As the basis, Rocksmith serves, with which Ubisoft already tried in 2011 to link a music game with the learning of the real string instrument. Rocksmith + supports acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars. In addition to the active gaming, the service should also include numerous tutorial videos on topics such as the right technique, music theory, equipment, instrument care and other areas.

Rocksmith 2014 HD - Pokémon Theme - Jason Paige - 100% (Lead) (Custom Song)

Last updated video: Launchtrailer

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