Deathloop receives criticism by serious FPS drops in PC A Bethesda bug is prioritizing

DEATHLOP has been one of the most important launches in September, something that has been pulled through a proposal of the most curious , as well as a good number of trailers and Gameplays that clarified the argument of the game. Because when we talk about temporary loops, it is easy to get a mess. However, Arkane has managed to rise above all this and has left a good taste of the players. Or that seemed, since PC users are harshly criticizing Deathloop due to their important FPS falls , which sometimes destroy the game experience completely.

We are actively investigating the problem as a Deathloop Community Manager priority. of the Title Community Manager through a REDDIT publication: In relation to performance, we are aware of the complaints that several PC users are experiencing Stuttering problems in Deathloop. We are actively investigating the problem as a priority, and I will update you with more specific information as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is likely that Deathloop soon receive a patch to fix the FPS fall suffering from PC users, who have exposed their criticism on the platform through a negative valuation of the game in Steam. On the other hand, according to VGC, rumors circulate that the cause of this performance is DENUVO , an antipiracy tool that has earned the hatred of many players for the problems involved in the game experience of other titles.

Therefore, and although we already explain what they were the requirements for Deathloop PC, it only remains to be expected that Arkane Lance a patch that facilitates the immersion of Steam users in the temporary loop. Until now, the game has harvested good criticism from the community beyond the computer, since it has attracted attention for both its proposal and extra modalities such as the multiplayer. If you want to know our opinion, we leave the deathloop analysis drafted by Comrade Carlos Gallego. Deathloop is now available to play from yesterday at PC and PS5.

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