CYBERPUNK 2077 version 1 31 is updated All news and complete notes of the patch

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We have already lost the account, but CD Projekt network continues Updating Cyberpunk 2077 in consoles and pc. Now it is called the turn to the 1.31 patch, with which the developers corrected aim to solve errors and improve the user experience. Among other aspects, lactualization also optimizes the memory of the GPU in PlayStation.

As a reminder, the last update 1.3 launched in August was the most important so far. It was an opportunity for players to discover a minimap that facilitated navigation, reallocation of benefits at a lower cost, and included the first DLC of the game with free cosmetic elements.

Note of patch 1.31 from Cyberpunk 2077

Available in English on the official website, we leave you the content translated into Spanish below.

how is played

A problem was solved by which, after updating an article with the mission tag, the base version of that article was not removed from the inventory.
A problem was solved by which the advantages of arms recharge speed slowed down the recharge time.
The height of the jump loaded was corrected.
Stealth detection speed of the enemy adjusted according to the difficulty of the game.
V will no longer be stuck in the fall animation during a motorcycle accident when he also has the advantage Rock . Missions and open world
The errors of the missions Disasterpiece have been corrected, These boots are made to walk, hit the brat , with a little help from my friends and the nomad .


A problem was solved by which roads after the rain were not wet. In version 1.31, wet surfaces should be more detailed than before the problem.
The hair and / or eyebrows were eliminated in cases where they were turned off in earlier versions of the game.
A problem was solved through which to shoot a technological weapon caused a momentary blinding light.
With a little help from my friends, a problem was solved by which Carol was missing her tablet or sat in the air during a scene.

User interface

Refolding missing descriptions in information about overheating and short circuit tools.
The missing descriptions were returned for backpacker, resist!, Osmosis and footloose clothing mods.


A problem was solved by which players could not claim registration rewards in the game due to error: A network error occurred. Try again later .

Specific for consoles

[PlayStation] Optimized GPU memory.

If most still preserves the failure of the title in the memory when in its release, Cyberpunk 2077 is making great efforts to climb the slope. Currently, 160 people from the development team are working on the first great expansion of the game.

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