China calls for the effeminate interpretations of men in videogames

Modern videogames are more accessible than ever, so practically anyone could enter them without having any kind of bigger problem. It looks like a joke, but the reality is that China is now demanding several publishers in the industry, as Tencent and Netease , who eliminate the effeminate interpretations of the male characters in videogames. The reason? Here we talk to you.

According to information collected by Invent Global , China requires greater resistance to the transmission of abnormal aesthetics , as well as a more masculine representation within the gaming. And it is that according to several media agencies in this country, the videogame industry must be reformed. Specifically, the obscene and violent content, and those that generate unhealthy tendencies, such as the cult of money and a-efferance, must be eliminated.

China considers that its population could adopt the behaviors and attitudes that the male characters effeminate videogames may have. This because an associate teacher of the Hong Kong University says that effeminate men are physically weak and emotionally fragile, and those with ‘female’ tendencies are not able to defend the nation. Finally, it is mentioned that heterosexuality is perceived as the only gender norm, awakening several alerts among members of the community LGBTQ +.

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Of course, this would not be the first time that China takes action against video games. Recall that not much also implemented a new rule so that minors could only play videogames for three hours a week. Here you can learn more details about it.

Via: Inventglobal

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