Pok mon Go So strong is twirrfinst with spikball from the Community Day

In October, Inpokémon Go takes place a community day with twin light. For this purpose, there will be a special loading attack for his last further development. We from Meinmmo have viewed us how strongly twirring will be.

What is that for an event? Each month, a community day takes place in Pokémon Go, in which a specific Pokémon is put into the center. This spawn is increased during the event. In the month of October, this will be a zwirrlicht with its two further developments twirring and twirring.

In addition, for example, the last further development will receive a special loading attack on this day when developing. As Niantic has already announced, it will give the Community Day in October the event loading attack spikball (via Pokemongolive.com).

What are that for Pokémon?

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For zwirrlicht it is a Pokémon of the Type Ghost from the 3rd Generation. It can evolve about twirring to zwirrfinst. A strong monster is non-light, because it can not convince in the attack nor in endurance. His defense is only average. Thus, it is not suitable for use in RAIDs and the PVP league.

It is similar with twirring. This monster is also a type of mind. Although the values ​​are already a little better than in his pre-development, the values ​​in attack and endurance remain only average. Only in the defense can it score. Nevertheless, there are stronger Pokémon, which can convince better in the fight.

For Zwirrfinst, it is the second further development of the zwirrlicht. It can be developed with the help of a Sinoh-Stein from Zwirrkrop. Zwirrfinsst comes from the 4th generation and is also the type of spirit. All three developments are therefore weak against attacks of types inappropriating and mind.

So strong is twirrfinst with spikball

Zwirrfinst has the two instant attacks burden and astonement of type spirit. So far, the loading attacks could only learn the spirit attack of unalbons as well as the further attacks psychokinese (psycho) and Finsteraura (inapproperly).

The Crypto variant also has frustration (normal) or in the redeemed form of return (normal). Zum Community Day on 09 October 2021 can also get the spirit attack spikball as well. This is only available in the context of the event and can only be taught with the help of a top-loading TM.

But how strong it will be with this new attack? If you look at the current values ​​of Zwirrfinst, then it is noticeable that it can score above all in defense. His attack values ​​are rather solid. His stamina can not convince. For this reason, according to the overview of Pvpoke in both the RAIDs, as well as the PVP league, it is not the first choice (via pvpoke.com).

The new attack is expected to be the strongest of Zwirrfinsst. It takes a moment longer to load than his other attacks. But she also does a little more damage. Thus, the values ​​of Zwirrfinst could easily improve in the PVP league.

However, Zwirrfinst is still a bad endurance. That makes it faster in combat faster, which is why other monsters are better candidates for use in RAIDS and the PVP league. For this reason, for example, it will probably be banished to the replacement bench among most coaches.

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How do you find the new loading attack at Zwirrfinst, which should give it to the community day? Which Ghost-Pokémon are your favorites in the fight in Raids or the PVP league? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

Until the Community Day in October there is a lot of Pokémon Go. We show you all events in September 2021 and which are particularly worthwhile.

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