Pok mon Go Community Day in October with Twilight and these Bonuses

Pokémon (originally Pocket Monsters ) is a series of role-playing computer game developed by Game Fanatic and also released by Nintendo and also The Pokémon Firm. Over the years, a variety of spin-off video games based on the series have actually likewise been developed by multiple firms. While the major series includes RPGs, spin-off games include various other categories, such as action role-playing, challenge, fighting, as well as electronic animal games. Many Pokémon video games have been created solely for Nintendo handhelds, video game gaming consoles, dating from the Video game Boy to the current generation of video clip game consoles.

The day of the Pokémon GO community\-promises-conceptio-changes” title=”community is known in October” rel=”nofollow”>community is known in October 2021. Zwirrlichht takes the lead and also brings a bonus of stars powder.

When is the community day? The day of the community Twisted Light will take place on Saturday, October 9. Then it works between 11:00 a. M. and 5:00 p. M., Local time.

What is a day of the community? The day of the community is always carried out once a month in Pokémon Go and focuses on a very specific Pokémon. That then appears in all corners of the game and can be captured in large quantities.

In addition, it increases the possibility of dazzling to the specimens of the respective Pokémon. In addition to that, there are still some bonuses that accompany him.

Community Day of Twisted Light with Triple Star Powder

These bonuses are available on Community Day: As usual, there is a special attack that you can teach your Event Pokémon. To do this, you must first develop Zwirrlicht in Zwirrklop. Zwirrklop, in turn, becomes Zwirrfinst, who then learns the Spukball load attack.

Pokemon GO Episode #1 - CATCHING POKEMON!

You still have up to two hours after the event for development, including the attack. However, in order to develop Zwirrklop, you need Sinnoh stones. If they are being lost at this time, do not worry, there will be a limited investigation to get Sinnoh stones.

This is how Shiny Twisted Light looks

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There are also the following bonuses:

There is Triple Star Dust Capture.
The smoke lasts three hours during the event.
Locking modules also last three hours during the event.
30 Hyperballs will be available at the store for free.
Again there are instant surprises.

There will also be content for the day of the community in the store again.

You can buy a community day box with 50 hyperbollas, 4 pieces of smoke, 4 stars and a top loading TM by 1,280 Pokécins.
For 1 euro you can activate special research Bruges’ time goes from one side to another with Zwirrfinst.

In principle, the day of the community should be interesting, although it is only because there is triple capture star dust. After all, you always need it! But even before the day of the community in October, many things are still happening in Pokémon Go. Here you can find all September 2021 events in Pokémon Go.

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