New World Complete notes of the update patch for the open beta and the launch

After the closed beta of New World, the developers have announced that they will perform a series of corrections to offer a better quality of life to the players. Below you can find all the information related to the changes in New World, for the open beta and the launch.


Instances were corrected in which the meetings with bosses did not begin or restart their encounter in multiple expeditions.
A problem was solved by which players could be stuck between Chardis and the arena in the instrumentation of Lazarus.
A problem was solved by which laser walls did not inflict damage to the destroyed obelisk.
The problem was solved by which Archibald disappeared during the combat of the destroyed obelisk.
The problem was solved with the disappearance of the Vine Bridge in the Garden of Genesis.
A problem was solved that prevented players from entering the mini-boss priest’s room in the depths.


Softened of the access points to the flags of the boats on the output beaches.
Raised the range of interaction of the banners of the boats in the start ranges.
Additional directional beacons were added to the FTUE.
Problems were solved by which the teleport sanctuaries did not appear on the map / compass or lacked a light beacon.
Enhanced generation rates around the world in locations that crowded players for the same missions / missions.
Improvement of the lighting of the output fields at night to be less dark.


Several missions were corrected throughout the world that caused bottlenecks due to the large number of players trying to achieve the same goal.
A problem was solved by which players could be stuck when interacting with certain theoretical notes.
The description text of an unpleasant task was updated to direct the players to the correct guard tower.
The cases were corrected in which IA could reappear without limit for some missions.


Several feats of city missions were corrected.
Green, yellow and red location validations are now displayed when decorating houses.
A problem was solved by which the visual effects of the booty boxes were missing when they were under high charge.
The circumstances in which some NPC were invisible before interacting with them were corrected.




Largest scale for the ISA from level 50 (gradually increasing from 0% to 25% at level 66).
Increased the standard of life for level 30 (gradually increasing from 0% to 15% at level 66).

Open world elites that are not bosses

Increase in health and damage to align with enemies in difficulty dispatch (this change is multiplying with the change observed in the general).
The damage of all elite ISA was increased that are not bosses in the open world from 12% to 17%.
Elite + IA + increased health by 60% (corrupt ogres, corrupt bears, etc.).

Open world heads and sand

Increase in health and damage to align with the enemies of difficulty difficulty (this increase is multiplying with the change observed in the general).
Increase in boss damage by 20%.
Increase in the health of the boss by 33%.


Increased damage by 13% for all IA issuance (this is multiplying with the change observed in general).

Remarkable Error Corrections


Players can no longer transfer status effects from one boss to another using the ability of contagious reverse stab ability.
Several errors of immobilization were corrected that allowed players to kill the AI ​​from inaccessible positions.
An error was corrected that prevented Dynasty Innerns from damaging the player.



Now use the healing behavior more consistently
Now use your vine sweep attack when your goal is within the body’s reach.
Greater career speed and precision of the objective movement when pursuing.
A problem was solved that prevented him from using the burrow to pursue remote targets.
A problem was solved that allowed the spriggan to be attacked during spawning.



Archidiaco Azamela.

A problem was solved by which the Minas of the Archidiaconic did not destroy when they were interrupted by the destruction of their monoliths.
A problem was solved by which the archdiacoan skipped the phases if it was thrown towards the entrance of the room.

shipyard of the dynasty

Empress Zhou Taiying: a problem was solved by which the pedestal hitboxes were too high.

Garden of Genesis

ALLUVIUM MARL: A problem was solved by which the AOE attack of Alluvium Root Wall did not reach the edges of his sand.
Guardian of the Greenery: A problem was solved that allowed him to throw a rock and receive great damage to Phase 3.

Roto Obelisk

Greundgul The Regent: a problem was solved by which the reproductives of their imperishable army did not always disappear when they die.

Instrumentality of Lázaro


A problem was solved by which its phase-ray attack 3 did not end up correctly after the target was knocked down.
Damage volumes adjusted for a more consistent game experience.


PVP scaling

The JCJ scale has been reduced. And the level differences will be more important during the parties. The level difference will have more in your meetings, which means that more blows will be needed so that a lower-level player mate a top-level player and less blows for a top-level player from a lower level player.

War Hammer

The 20% temperate steel warming reduction reduction bonus was reduced from 20% → 15%.


The passive release justice now only eliminates a type of disadvantage, instead of all the disadvantages.
Fortaleza has been replaced by invigorating bulwark: this passive will grant 15 of endurance when it is hit with shielding shield skills and shield attack.
The initial frames of Leaping Strike from 16 to 14 were reduced.
The distance from the jump hit has been increased from 4 to 6 meters.
The counterattack has been changed to accumulate and get a better bonus. Now it grants an energy bonus of 3% for 5 seconds when blocking an attack, and can be accumulated up to 5 times to obtain a maximum energy bonus of 15%. Previously, it granted a bonus of 10% for 20 seconds after blocking an attack.

Bat of life

The passive Sacred Protection has been changed to grant an increase of 5% in incoming healing efficiency to all members of the Group. It is used to grant additional maximum HP.
The effectiveness of Orb of Protection Fortify of 15% → 10% was reduced.


The Berserk duration has been reduced to 12 seconds and the reusing time has been increased to 18 seconds.
Berserk Refresh now cures 10% every 4 seconds while Berserk is active up to a maximum of 30% health (before every 5 seconds for a maximum of 35%).

Grande ax.

The effectiveness of the improvement would be reduced to fortify inhaustless severity of 15% → 10%.
The bonus of durable hit damage reduction of the large ax of 20% → 15% was reduced.
The second firing shot is no longer affected by a propagation effect.

Bend down

The effectiveness of the liable unbreakable approach to fortify the 8% arc fortified → 10% was reduced.

Benefits of the chain

The amount of times was reduced that the advantages chained to another target of 5 → 3.
Elemental chain advantages are now only activated in basic (light and heavy) attacks and have a reuse time of 2 seconds.

Equipment load updates

The increase in damage of 20% for a lightweight and 10% equipment load for a medium equipment load should also affect the character’s healing rate. Healing is reduced by 20% to take into account this phenomenon. We want the best healer to be on light equipment.
The average load threshold of the 15 → 13 equipment and the heavy threshold of 30 → 23 was reduced.


Normalized the weight of protection ratios (physical / elementary / balanced) in each kind of armor.
Greater armor provided by the chest pieces and reduced armor provided by the helmets.
Lightly increased the armor granted by balanced proportions to match the total reinforcement provided by physical and elementary proportions.
The weight of the round shields and the shields was reduced.

Trophies of the house

Damage bonus was reduced against the families of the 6% / 8% / 10% to 3% / 4% / 5% mafia.

Fastening power and fortification enhancers

Potions are now taken into account in the amortization of powers and fortification improvements (50% maximum).

Elemental damage consumables

Duration of update of 3 minutes to 30 seconds
The effect of consumables of 10% / 15% / 25% to 9% / 12% / 15% was updated.

Consumables of absorption of the family of creatures

Duration of update 5 minutes to 20 seconds
The number of blows that players can receive when using the consumables of the family of creatures of the 5/10/20 to 10/05/15 was updated.
The effect of the consumables of the family of creatures of 20% / 35% / 50% to 5% / 10% / 15% was updated.
All absorption consumables have a common reuse time of 120 seconds.

Consumables oak balm and gem powder

The duration of the consumables of oak and dust of gems of 5 minutes to 30 seconds was updated.
The number of blows that players can receive when they use Oak Balm and Gem Dust consumables of 5/10/15/20 on 9/6/12/15.

Siege turrets

The damage of explosive cannons by 30% was increased.
Limit the maximum attenuation of the repeater damage to 90% instead of 100%.
Repetition damage mitigation now starts at 80 m, instead of 60 m.
ASEEDIO weapons: The damage of siege weapons is now mitigated with the armor.
ASEEDIO weapons: The damage increased by 20%

Lifestyle buffet

The efficiency of absorption of the corrupt enemy of the lifestyle improvement Blessing arcana from 20% to 5% was reduced.


Fortified recovery efficiency from 30% to 10% was reduced.
The implacable fortification effectiveness of 30% to 10% was reduced.
The effectiveness of mortal fortification was reduced from 30% to 10%.

Healing potions

The base health obtained by the health potions of 160/300/650/1200/1800 → 200/400/900/1600/2400 was increased, and decreased the amount of health obtained by the potions according to a percentage of its maximum of 15%> 7%. .
The basic health of the regeneration potions of 30/65/120/180> 40/90/160/240 was increased and the amount of health obtained by section of the regeneration potions depending on one% HP max was increased. . 1.5%> 0.7%.
Resistance potions have been eliminated from the game.


Amber gem: The scale of damage obtained with the gem of amber (nature) was reduced by 20% when attributes are used in the focus, to make the healer secondary weapon a little less powerful in terms of gross damage For concentration constructions.

Attribute threshold bonus

The attribute threshold bonuses of 50, 100 and 150 were adjusted for force, to prevent damage bonus from applying to elementary body attack attacks. It will only apply to physical damage. This is to avoid duplicating the bonuses when using elementary conversion gems with these attributes.


Traps (infernal trap and explosive barrel) are now limited to 15 per team.

Remarkable error corrections

Motion speed increase: problems were corrected with the application of a permanent speed increase of the player.
Decrease in the speed of movement: The problem was solved by which the speed of movement could not be reduced by more than 10%.
Stuck on the load screen: The problem was solved by which players could be stuck in the infinite loading screen and reappear in a random start range if they die before reaching the Watchtower’s generation point.
Life cane: The benefit of speed of light now works.
Jump: Now it is possible to jump being exhausted.
Attribute threshold bonus: The 250 Constitution Bonus should now have a reuse time of 60 seconds.
Attribute threshold bonus: The constitution 150 bonus now only reduces critical hit damage, not all damage by blow.
Duel rewards: Players should no longer be able to get JCJ rewards from the duels.
Sword: Passive leadership no longer persists after leaving the group.
Life caut: healing touch no longer eliminates all the disadvantages, only one.
Life caut: The final expansion now extends the duration of improvements.
Life caut: Inspire now increases the resistance.
Great ax: The passive Heavy Pull no longer causes a double hit of Heavy Attack.
Great ax: Durable blow now reduces damage by 20% in GRIT mode.
Arco: The profit of deep blow only increases damage in penetrating fire, not all attacks.
Exchange of weapons: When using the active weapon link key, the skill wheel of your weapon will now alternate when exchanging weapons.
Sword: When the contagious reverse stab attribute is used, damage attacks on time transferred to other players will now cause damage.
Fall: A problem was solved that caused you to enter a state of fall when you go down stairs and pending.
Messy navigation: the instability of navigation animations was corrected when you are congested.
Dark events: Numerous blockages were corrected and blocks when using dark events.
Valiente: An error has been corrected that prevented blocking or dodging when brave was equipped.
Fishing: A problem was solved with the movement and rotation of the camera that could occur during fishing.
Sword: The passive leadership effect no longer persists after leaving the group.
Life cane: The passive effect of curative touch no longer eliminates all the disadvantages, it only eliminates one.
Ice pylon: The health bar is now blue for allies and red for enemies.
Life caut: Inspire improvement now works
ASEEDIO weapon: The damage is now mitigated with armor.
Life caut: Splash of Light only cures group members as planned.
Arco: The unwavering approach benefit can no longer remain indefinitely outside the target status.
Canyons: The cannons of the attackers can be attacked during the process of updating in the wars.
Ax: The passive stay behind now applies correctly and reduces 25% for 4 seconds.
Arco: The cancellation of the animation was corrected that caused the arc to shoot at a faster rate than expected.
Ice Gauntlet: Definitive cold Now you should apply the cooling effect and increase the ice damage received by the enemies by 35% for 3 seconds, as expected.
Ice Gauntlets: Powered hardness should now inflict a higher damage when the target has less than 30% health, as expected.
Ice Gauntlet: Refreshing peaks should now reduce the reuse time as expected.
War: Defenders can no longer use the option of reappearance to appear at the meeting point before the war begins.
GEMA OF DAMAGE CONVERSION: The error was corrected by which the intellect attribute threshold bonuses were applied twice when using a damage conversion gem

Economy / Progress / Rewards


T4 / 5 Azoth Staves were added to unlock in the mission of the main story.
T4 is required to complete level 50 corruption breaches.
T5 is required to complete level 60 and 65 corruption breaches.
XP reduction for city projects:
Raw material inputs are reduced by 25%.
30% reduction in refined material inputs
Weapon manufacturing routes were reduced by 50%.
Incoming provisions are reduced by 50%.
The XP needed to reach lower levels has been reduced in a small amount.
The XP necessary to reach level 20-30 has been reduced on average.
The number of factions granted by Mission for PVP missions in Monarch Bluffs, Cutlass Keys and Mourningdale was reduced to take into account their shortest travel times.


The fall rate of the elements appointed by the expedition leaders increased.
The attributes of many weapons with name were adjusted to better distribute the availability of attributes between the name weapons and make more than them unique and are well synergized.
The benefits of all weapons and armor of the factions were normalized. This change allowed the lower-level faction armor to provide critical damage defense instead of cooling reduction.
Increased the cost of all weapons and faction armor.
The embedded gems of all faction reinforcements were removed (now they have a space for empty gems).

The equipment score of level 4 of 495 to 490 was reduced.

Reduced level 5 faction equipment from 550 to 535.

Images of the team

Materials established for weapons styles:

Shield Shield War

Fixed icons for several weapons and armor:

Tower shield, ice gauntlet, fire cane, life caath, warhammer on Sirene Sand.
Round shield, crest shield, tower shield, fire cane, lifestyle and ice gauntlet in the Elite Drowned set.

Remarkable Error Corrections

Many names with name had duplicate or non-coincidental advantages and have been updated.
A problem was solved that could cause visible elimination of fishing points, which could make them exceptionally difficult to find.
The logic was updated to teleport players away from the control points of the factions to allow more people from each faction to participate.
An infinite load wheel was corrected that could happen when trying to buy something in Trade Post that had already been purchased by another person.
A problem was solved that could cause influence profits significantly increase for attackers after 72 hours. This increase is still present, but it has been reduced by ~ 50%.
A problem was solved that caused the Invitations of Outpost Rush will not end up correctly, which was always considered part of the guest group.
A problem was solved that caused the objects that released the bosses during an expedition fell outside the appropriate equipment scoring range.
A problem was solved that allowed players to trade directly with long distances when they traveled rapidly in the midst of an exchange.
Several vulnerabilities related to gold, trade in articles and duplication were corrected.
A problem was solved that caused some elements with name to not fall during expeditions.
A problem was solved by which players could be stuck in a state of detected delay if they were eliminated from a warlist after receiving their invitation to war but before accepting it.
A conflict was corrected between queue for a war and playing on an expedition where a player could be eliminated from the expedition.
A problem was solved by which the fibers granted level 3 rewards instead of level 2.
Some problems were corrected by which the seals did not work with all faction reinforcement.
A note on the force of the doors of the war camps was eliminated because the doors of the war camps are indestructible.
A limit was added to the number of infernal traps that can be deployed during the war.
A problem was solved by which the attacker turrets could be destroyed from one blow while they were updated in half.
A problem was solved by dying while a war was solved could cause the player to enter a state in which he could not interact with the game.
A problem was solved by which attack guns could not be attacked while they were updated.
A problem was solved by which the war record table showed no correct times for players in different time zones.
A problem was solved by which players could appear outside the fort before a war began.

Collision was added on the roof of the war camp.

A problem was solved with the Nerscale Reach war camp where defenders could enter using nearby geometry.
A problem was solved by which the vertical beams of the capture points were invisible during the war.
A problem was solved by which some invitations to war could be sent too soon.
A problem was solved by which players could enter a state of no response when they were kept waiting during a war / invasion.
A problem was solved by which the damage of the siege gun was not mitigated with the armor.
A problem was solved by which the meeting points illuminated outside the war.
Defenders can no longer climb the walls of the war camp.

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