ICO Fog Ancient City welcomes the 20th anniversary of the official preview will be publicly publicized and precious settings

PS2 name ICO Mist Ancient City is about to usher in the 20th anniversary, today (6) Day Mist Ancient Studio GenDesign announced that the screenshot or setup will be released in the future, which may contain some The information of precious is also said.

ICO is launched in PS2 on December 6, 2001, which was developed by ICO group under the Sony ** Computer Entertainment Japan Studio (SCE). The ICO is the leader of the Outa literati, and after Wang Da and Mist Ancient producer with Giant Trico. However, the independent studio GENDESIGN established after the Sony is left after the literati.

This is a action adventure of the boy with a girl to escape the costumes. Its specialty is a minimal background description and useful light and shadow effect. Under no more elemental interference, there is a look of the environment, and the atmosphere will win, deepen the feelings, its very artistic Mist Ancient Design ** also has many awards. Detailed introduction to the article before the Mist Ancient corner.

_ Today in history, today / ICO foggy ancient city, absolutely do not let go of her hand _

Although there is still a period of time from December 6, there may be more activities in planning, today, in the official tweet, will then release multiple ICO Mist Ancient material, which may have some rare material.

Interested players may wish to pay attention to GenDesign’s official twenty.

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