A player transforms Skyrim in Dark Souls

_ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim _ is a game with an active MOD community. These range from simple, such as introducing new content or changing the visual aspect of some particular section, going through the crafts, such as the inclusion of memes, to those that sound impossible, such as transforming this world into dark sows. In this way, it should not be a big surprise to hear that a dedicated fan has used more than 500 mods to convert this bethesda game into the popular fromSoftware title .

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Recently, the user known as Heavy Burns, published on the YouTube channel of him, a video where he explains in detail how he transformed skyrim in dark sows. This work goes beyond simply changing a couple of textures or including enemies, since the areas of the FromSoftware game, as well as their combat and some mechanics have been implemented to Bethesda’s work .

This was what Burns commented on a talk with Gamesradar:

I have always been a big fan of Dark Souls and Elder Scrolls. That is why merge both of them in a way that is not only interesting about experiencing, but also satisfactory and rewarding to play is a really funny idea for me.

While Burns has shared a list of mods that you can use to obtain a similar result, these jobs are made up of more modifications to Skyrim. From the smallest changes, even the largest, the dedication that this project has for a person is impressive.

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Via: GamesRadar.

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