World of Warships Kentert with Gambling

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The tactic MMOWorld of Warships by Wargaming just has a tidy trouble. It’s about the tiresome topic Lootbox gambling and free2play monetization. Lest here on Minemo, which is currently in the argen and how Wargaming has previously expressed it.

What is the situation in World of Warships? Currently there is a great displeasure at the community of World of Warships. This goes so far that 22 of 74 Community Contributors have left the lucrative program.

What are community contributors?
A Community Contributor is a content creator that is preferably treated by Wargaming. Among other things, new ships for testing, free goodies for giveaways and sometimes even invitations on exclusive events. It is a coveted position to which only a few content creators ever have access.

Even the Streamer and Contributor Themightyjingles, who was even immortalized as their own captain in the game, has enough and laid his status as a contributor (Via Twitter). But what is the reason for the whole trouble?

Lootboxes and Lack of Communication Gray Community Contributors

What are the reasons for the trouble? Two situations are decisive the reason for all the stress straight. Lack of communication from Wargaming and aggressive monetization in World of Warships.

That was the drama about Littlewhitemouse: First of all, there was an ugly incident to the Content Creator Littlewhitemouse. It was popular for its profound, detailed and funky ship reviews at the community and should even officially design for Wargaming a Canadian ship for the Canada Day 2020.

But after being putting work in the project for months, but was suddenly nothing more of it and the Canadian ship, which was officially involved in the shop, did not have much with the idea of ​​Littlewhitemouse in the end. Your request in this regard at Wargaming was probably answered right male.

And although finally an official apology (via Warships forum) came, Littlewhitemouse has meanwhile enough and then left the Community Contributor program. This caused a municipality to the other contributors, which lay on another problem.

This has it with the Lootboxes: Another nuisance that is currently running fans and Content Creator is the increasingly aggressive monetization in World of Warships. The game is free2play and wargaming earns money through premium subscriptions, cosmetic goodies for ships and special premium ships.

What are premium ships?
While you can unlock most ships in the game Ingame, there are special ships that exist only in the shop against real money. These ships are already fully equipped and have a kind of booster for more experience points and money. But they are (mostly) not better than the regular ships in the game, but often represent coveted collective objects.

Previously, there were premium ships just against real money. Although there were often 60 or more euros for such a premium package, but knew what to get. Meanwhile stuck coveted premium ships, such as the USS Missouri, more and more often in special Lootboxes, which you can buy with the real money exchange currency Dublonen.

So in order to get the premium ship of your choice, you may have to acquire several boxes and participate in a kind of gambling. Since there are only the boxes against Dublonen, which are an abstract game currency, the overview is quickly lost, how much money you have sunk in the boxes. In addition, players are animated so to buy a few boxes more if the coveted ship is not equal in the first boxes.

It all reminds of the large Lootbox debate about Star Wars Battlefront 2, which made EA for a lot of trouble in 2017 and led to a large, social displeasure in relation to Lootboxes and gambling.

These – in many eyes unsightly development – as well as the miscommunication with Littlewhitemouse and other content creators now led to the situation that many influencers will expand from World of Warhsips.

Player numbers from World of Warships remain stable

Does that affect the number of players? No, at the moment not yet. The visible numbers on Steam charts for World of Warships show no great fluctuation, but have stable in recent days (via Steamcharts). However, this is not a complete picture – should the content creators remain away in the long run, the long term could lead to a loss of game numbers.

Wargaming prepares statement

What says Wargaming? The shitstorm around the game did not hide the developers and there were already first reactions. We have asked directly in Wargaming and asked for a statement. There you have heard the criticism and the competent team in Saint Petersburg is currently preparing a larger statement to the matter. As soon as we know more, we will present it here in an article. Trouble around the monetization existed for Warships more often. Thus, the most cool monster ships were criticized to Godzilla and King Kong because of the high prices.

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