What is the Free Fire ID of 2 B Gamer In

A fire adapted community is defined by the USA Forest Solution as an educated as well as involved community in which the understanding as well as activities of residents regarding framework, buildings, landscape design, as well as the surrounding ecosystem decreases the need for substantial security actions and also allows the community to securely accept fire as a component of the bordering landscape. The National Wildfire Coordinating Team meaning, which was established and also approved by the Wildland Urban User Interface Reduction Board, is A human community consisting of notified as well as prepared people collaboratively planning and doing something about it to safely co-exist with wildland fire. According to an USA Woodland Service instruction paper the following are several of the elements of a fire adjusted community:

The general public recognizes:

the role of fire on the surrounding landscape

fire authorities might not save all homes
community mitigation actions decrease the influences of wildfireThe community does something about it to:

create a collective team to develop a CWPP
develop as well as maintain a mitigation education program consisting of avoidance
support and also enhance neighborhood fire defense capacity (RSG!).
prepare structures for wildfire via Firewise, Coping With Fire or comparable principles.
construct with fire immune materials and also website structures in low threat landscapes.
develop emptying strategies.
produce safety zones in the community and gas buffers at its edge.
usage codes and ordinances if applicable.
job with public as well as exclusive landowners to deal with unsafe fuels.
preserve cooperative arrangements with companions.
increase and also preserve threat decrease initiatives with time.

Message Tamang is otherwise known as 2B Gamer in the Free Fire Community and it is a famous YouTuber from Nepal. Players are known for their gameplay videos with attractive commentary.

NS Material Manufacturers are more than 3.34 million customers and are jointly 391 million views, out of which 180k and 24 million have been received last month.

2 B gamer’s free fire id and figures?

Their free fire ID is 133688778. By 5 September 2021, 2 B gamer figures are given below:

Ajven Stats

2 B gamer has won 3362 out of 15222 squad matches, which changes in a win rate of 22.08%. They also have 49960 pieces for mortality-death ratio 4.21.

The user has 425 boon in 2280 Duo game, resulting in winning the rate of 14.75%. He has recorded 8761 killings, which comes under the K / D ratio of 3.57.

2 B gamer has played 1674 single games and 221 have achieved, in which 13.20% of victory is estimated. With 4711 murders, he retained 3.24 / D ratio.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Special Heroes (Scions of Twelve)

Ranked statistics

2 B gamer has participated in 28 squad matches and has won 3, which is a win rate of 10.71%. He maintained 116 kg pairs in his match, K / D ratio of 4.64.

He participated in 5 pair matches and eliminated 15 opponents, which converted into 3.00 K / D ratio.

YouTuber has played a single match in Season 23, but she does not have to win or kill.

Note: 2B gamer statistics were recorded while writing articles, and as they will continue to play and play, they will change.


According to the social blade website, 2B gamer earns approximately $ 6.2K from its channel – $ 98.9K per month. The annual estimate is expected to be approximately $ 74.2k – $ 1.2m.

Youtube channel

2B Gamer started uploading videos on YouTube in November 2019 and has been uploaded so far since 890. It has seen them more than 3.34 million customers and overall more than 391 million. Their most popular video view count is more than 7.1 million.

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