Lol the most nostalgic image reminiscent of the old League of Legends and has fallen in love with the community

The players of League of Legends have never had as many facilities to learn how now. Dozens of programmers have made available to the community infinity of tools so that we know exactly what the needs of the champions at all times are. Interactive guides with basic details such as what skills to maximize or what are the best objects for the character in question. However, the situation was not always the same and in the past all this information was not easily accessible for players

an image that appeals to the nostalgia of the community


A member of the community wanted the rest of the players to remember this past time after finding an old notebook that belongs to the girlfriend of him with the title of The book of League of Legends. An old object that he barely remembered, but who transported him directly a few years to the past when he opened and remembering how the game guides worked at that time. There was not so much material or it was so easy to navigate and, as some you will have imagined, the best solution was to have a handbook . Thus, as in a university class, the notes were always within reach.

According to the player himself who shared the document with the community, by then it was not strange that he received a call from the couple of him to ask him what was the recommended object with a certain character. A situation motivated by the lack of sites such as Lolalytics or ProBuilds , which since its arrival have become some of the reference web pages to solve doubts with respect to the champions.

The role of these consultation pages is so important that Riot Games has recognized many of them as sources of information much more useful than those that they can offer themselves. Thus, for example, the company will eliminate very soon its own League of Legends Start History Web tool to give way to some of the best platforms according to the use of the community.


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