finally Equivalent True True 2077 update version 1 3 is about to release the correction content is completely open

Finally you are here! Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk 2077) created by Cd Projekt Red is open online on the line of 1:00 in Taiwan, and the update content of the full disclosure of version 1.3. The update file is expected to be released recently, and the exact time has not been announced.

The following is 1.3 version full correction content (non-total players have happen):

Add content

The [additional content] of the primary single corner can find all free DLCs.

Update Profile 1.3 Records The following free additional content:

• Special modeling of Silver Hand Monkey: [Added Content] to [Set]. The synthetic leather multi-layer flyer jacket, Ponk glow jacket: Circular task is completed and received by Victor, the item will appear in the storage of the V-accommodation. The preset quality of the two items is rare / unique, and the quality of the quality of the quality will be unlocked simultaneously.

• Archer Quartz Amazing: Ghost Building task is completed, receives or purchases or purchases to receive the 塔 or the evil information (depending on the player’s decision). If you have not received a message, remember to stay in the disaster and then the stronghold of Dacao Tower is a bit. A few days will receive contacts of Daoda.


• Additional buttons that can be reassigned with the number of descent points in the skill table of the characters. • The number of automatic saver fields in the platform is increased from 10 to 20, and the rapid saving field is raised from 3 to 10.

• Add [Database] link in the log.

• Additional non-barrier options that display the curtain in the screen to avoid / reduce the possibility of halo diseases in players. Go to [Settings] → [Interface] → [Display Screen Cover] Select Enable.

• Reverted to the frequency of the purchase of the car message.

• Improve the screen spatial reflection effect, which makes a roughness reduction of the PC version of the PC version of the home host version to the picture quality.

• Backpackers’ screening conditions for additional task items. • After completing the relevant tasks, the indication of the commissioned item will be removed and the player is sold or discarded.

• Now players can rotate V in the list of items in the item list.

• If the production is shocking, it will still be produced normally after the player. • Additional function of comparing the transformation device.

• Improve players’ purchase equipment level conditions exceeded the notification message jumped out of themselves.

• Now players can upgrade a lot of production components. • The small sleep position is added in the residence of V.

• If the player lifts the body, the illustration of the discarding container will display red instead.

• After the mine is released, it will be reversed. • The elevator can be used when lifting the body.

• When we are together: Now Barry’s appearance is more features.

• When players have the same or high quality items, their base items will be as indicated by other components (if the item list has this item)

Balance adjustment

• [Very difficult] Difficult enemy (this difficulty only) After entering the warning state, searching the surrounding action will be more strong.

• NCPD no longer responds or hostile due to the body of the open world event.

• Now if the player attacks NPC in a non-fatal weapon, NCPD will respond.

• Adjust the battle to the group NPC to cause damage to the group NPC, change the weapons used by the group.

• To the Death]: Improve Adam. Action mode in bone fighting.

• Safety is: Improve the action mode in the field battle.

• Magic: Improves the mode of action in the warranty.

• Fantasy: Improves gentle and resistance.

• The god machine is wrong: for the law and disadvantages: Improve the action mode in the battle of the gods.

• One smile: Improve the positioning and opening of the fire.

• Enhance the status value of [Golden Breast] (Ager’s unique pistol).

• Rescue: Improve the number of ammunitions when players start at the beginning of the task.

• Improvement and balance improvement for [infection].

• Improve the production system to enable quality randomly generated items to match the players’ production skills (no need for items that exceed players related skills).

• Now, each upgrade, the upgrade conditions of the item will increase. Note that the level of the upgraded item will thus change. Equipment above upgrade conditions can continue to maintain the equipment, but will not be equipped once it is removed.

• Addressing the production requirements of the modification module.

• Additional production needs of the knife (can be used after the players begins).

• Update the number of components required to make some items (for example: start, famous doctors, speed, apparel module, part weapons).

• Balance the production needs of the costume modification module. • Balance the number of components required to make clothing.

• Balance to make the number of components needed to include the parts of the Shandetan part.

• Now players can buy [Optical Camouflage] transformation device to God Machine.

• Adjust the price of the modification module of the transformation device.

• Now players can only win the production needs of rare [unity] in suspicious organizational criminal activities: riding tigers.

• Entrusted: Man Powder to adjust the price and quality of Kerry guitar.

Balance adjustment

• Correct the player to visit the nomads, you can’t use weapons and quickly use the problem of monitored items.

• Correct the player’s homologous goals but not included in [Christmas Tree Attack].

• If the device displays [unauthorized], the teaching picture of the skill verification will no longer appear.

• After quick movement, V is no longer looking down.

• Adjust a variety of specialized features.

• Now [打] The special effect will be protected the correct impact on the ground and NPC.

• Now [encounter] The essential will give the players who use flash bombs to get the correct blindness.

• Now [Crazy Science] The special item will make the price of all items rose correctly.

• Now [hacker hegemony] specializing will let the players get the formula of the beautiful snorkeling [whistle].

• The guitar Morning Daw Fades cannot be dismantled, nor is it automatically dismantled by [invalidation].

• Now [Hardware Recycling] Supreme will let players get the opportunity to search accessories.

• Correct the behavior of V.

• Fix the problem that the player skips the dialogue and cannot smoothly switch the problem of squatting or standing.

• If you skip the dialogue, V is no longer collapsed.

• If you fall into the water while skipping the full-size call, V will no longer continue to repeat the same paragraph.

• Correct production related issues and adjust item prices.

• Players can no longer sell back [No title 18 Brown West, 2021] Excellent painting is profitable.

• [Shandwestein] The production needs of the parts are added to the quality setting.

• Rebar balance and add some of the slopes to fix problems that cannot pick up items.

• Correct a variety of items that cannot be searched.

• Fix the illustration that appears when the shoe is searched.

• Fixed Ajie’s unique pistols appeared in the streets of the Northern Workers and searches.

• Freight for the Final Abandonment correction After killing illegal illusion sellers, players can search for illegal illusion sellers.

• Remove a repetitive trophy that appears in an open world event in the Pacific area.

• Fix the appearance of a waste item.

• Added the trophy in the rear empty container of the enterprise square sex shelter.

• Correct some rare items from falling abnormally.

• Now Adam. Bone, in addition to the right chapter, will drop other trophy.

• Friendly Sponsorship Fixed a sloppological container that cannot be opened in the middle of the tower.

• Pick up Remove the legend of the Leis office [螂].

• Some merchants add goods and remove duplicate goods.

• Remove the repetition needs of Vistadriet, Gran, Land Coronado, dismissal, and the Pacific area.

• Dining merchants in the trailer park add men.

• Fix the behavior patterns and appearance of multiple devices.

• Fix some of the problems that some vending machine appearances and vendors do not match.

• Optimization for a variety of devices.

• Alarm Processing: Substant Country corrects the text displayed by scanning the machine.

• Far away Gaoff correction cannot be used to use the garage access control machine.

• Correct the enemy’s distinction in the sprinkler.

• Fix the problem of displaying unrelated text after scanning a weapon sales machine.

• Correction and songs of the Cyberdo store do not have a problem with Bai Qingze.

• The implicit detection range of the induced mines in the correction task is too large.

• Step corrects NPC does not have a problem of taking attention due to TV or camera.

• Adjust the appearance of antenna connection point.

• Entrusted: White Mouse to add interactive functions missing the connection point.

• Correct some of the lights of some connection points.

• Fixed an excessive problem with the boiler collision detection.

• Entrust: Revitalization Removes the excess personal connection shown in the unable to interactive device.

• Remove excess scan elements displayed by the hierarch showing the connection point.

• NPCs killed by the vehicle elevator no longer thus molded or appeared above the vehicle elevator.

• Correct the problem of unrelated text.

• The full-scale picture type decoration no longer has a collision effect.

• Correct the problem of unrelated text in the scanning push machine.

• After the Evil Storm is corrected, after the scan robbing is a pile of high, the object that is awake is not in the hugeness of the enemy.

• Fixed a current attack incident in the current attack incident, players will be uploaded to some push-up problems after the residential machine is uploaded to some pushing machines.

• If the target is not in the field of view, the hanging machine gun is no longer fired.

• If you are swimming, the camera is controlled, the user interface, the camera screen, and the animation performance are no longer abnormal.

• Remove the lightning effect of the camera after [Burning Circuit].

• Additional effects that appear after [Burning Circuit] of the camera.

• Correct the problem that the closed camera is controlled to cause the camera to start again.

• Correct the problem with the harm of the thorn wire.

• Entrusted: Hidden to add animations that lack after connecting the device.

• If you are in a squat, V will not be reserved.

• Blazing Fire corrects the problem of unrelated words in silver pixel cloud walkie-talkie screen.

• Fix multiple elevator related issues.

• Players will not be trapped in the H10 giant high-rise elevator.

• When For non-crime takes a lift to the top floor, the player cannot leave the elevator from the way.

• Shorten the elevators to perform [Scan] to obtain an authorized time.

• Adjust the elevator to use the arrow direction of the interface, so that the lit arrows meet the direction of travel of the elevator.

• For NPC behavior and reactions, the city’s overall correction and improvement.

• The machine gun tower is now consistent with the NPC’s attack target.

• Adjust the reaction caused by NPC due to vehicle.

• NPC no longer shot down.

• Correction section NPC will not flee the problem of fighting lives.

• If you hit V, the driver will press the speaker.

• The vehicles in the vacation are no longer trapped in situ for saving or loading the players.

• Correct a variety of acute, scanning related issues and fine-tuning and improvement.

• Correct the first person’s view lens to avoid sudden down the angle of view when scanning.

• Improve the effectiveness of opening scanning options.

• Players can no longer enter the circuit that has been burned by the fire.

• Correct the problem that can be repeatedly repeated.

• Additional NPC due to [short circuit] animation performance.

• Two All Rights players can take into the boss of Tiger Hook in the battle.

• Night Square OP55N1 players can use the full-scale conference table [dispersive attention].

• Fixed the player to scan the enemy NPC in the car and the vehicle is evacuated.

• After scanning, the ladder is no longer displayed as opened.

• Correct the player to take a scan and the scanned interface continues to display.

• Correct scanning general NCPD police officers, information is displayed as a sedative group.

• If scanning, the robot is no longer there in the machine.

• If remote control is performed, the monitor’s control is more smooth.

• Improve the NPC action mode in the battle and correct multiple related issues.

• To the dead end: now Adam. There is a footsteps when broken bones.

• Safety is on: After correcting the wadens of the Nappa, the material of its 螂 刀 disabate.

• Sanitary Ware: Amendment of the big feet has not launched Shandwittan’s effects.

• To the dead end: now Adam. The player cannot attack again when the status of the broken bone occurs.

• Safety is on: Fixed the problem of the disappearance of the player to pull the distance.

• Pick up: If the player uses [short circuit] to Les, T-Pose will no longer appear under the hand of Les.

• Moqu: Pacific District : If you destroy the nose of ugly brother, the ugly brother will be hurt properly.

• Mo Boxing: Kabuki: If V is defeated, follow the twins, twins no longer repeat the anti-defense animation.

• Sanitary Ware: If v is sneak through the iron gate, the veterinary part will no longer ignore the contact determination of the iron gate.

• Players can no longer limit the actions of gathelial disruptions in a continuous throwing grenade because the refrigeration effect will be delayed.

• Patriotic Athletics: The six street ride members within the task are now unable to be knocked down.

• The appearance of the drone explosion will now be destroyed.

• The NPC of the package is now no longer hiding behind the branch.

• Improve the preview ballistics of the extreme angle of the grenade.

• Cancel the interaction of mirrors in the battle.

• Adjust and improve partial players.

• Correct issues that cannot be launched in two links in full-length calls.

• Correct V Jump, there is a problem that climbing the night city has been vacated.

• The human body discarded in the Sandton Galena Gun is no longer protruding.

• Correctly select the weapon with a mouse roll button, but the weapon has disappeared.

• Entrusted: Hunter If you leave the car, you have a lair, and the player can’t open the latter compartment.

• Adding an animation of the human body from the rear car and discard the human body after discarding the cart.

• Correct the animation of the human body to the voyage car and lift the human body from the van.

• The rear car of Villefort Cortes is now placed in NPC.

• Human Beast: Downtown corrects players who don’t go to the garage with Kleier, Clee’s car has been rotating without departing the scene.

• If the police have issued a wanted order, the player can no longer be scared by the frightened NPC as a meat shield.

• Correct V can’t quickly climb the problem of the ladder.

• Fix a problem with multiple transformation devices.

• The gods of the source no longer show repeated [titanium bone] transformation device.

• Fixed the problem of the name of the name in the cooling device.

• Adjust the function of partially modified modules.

• The costume modification module is now working properly.

• Today’s apparel modification module [Wan Ling] and [ultra-insulation] protect players are not affected by electromagnetic pulse grenads.

• Stability and various platform effects: This part of the change applies to all platforms, but the platform effect is the most significant platform for the older generation platform and low performance.

• Multiple improvements for efficacy: Improve dynamic resolution expansion, improve frame number stability, especially in battle, there is a significant fluctuation.

• Multiple improvements for stream image processing: Correct stream image processing issues affecting the efficacy of the city center.

• Optime is optimized for a variety of memory, memory management systems (the number of players faults). Improving a variety of problems that causing players failures: Refraction of the end of the ridiculous special flying war, the players has failed.

• Will Walking Correct Thompson before leaving Atlantis, the players has failed.

• Fixed multiple times in [Settings] Switch [Small Map People] Options, the players has failed.

user interface

• If the item illustrates the text, the text does not disappear.

• Correct subtitles, tricks, tasks, and weapons descriptions of words (English).

• Anti-Rush: North Ouba appended player leaving the Draman rugery to lead to the message received after the mission failed.

• Rapid moving point name adjacent to V is retrieved back to [H10 Giant Tall Building].

• Remove items indicated as [None] and no correctly illustrated items.

• In the list of items, the modified module screen displayed by the indicator to the item will display its status value correctly.

• Correcting the Brazilian Portuguese version of the male version of the virtual real-world teaching content is shown as Polish problem.

• [Black City Battery] The modified module will display its item characteristics correctly.

• Correct the [Infection] The speed-on button is shown only in the list of items.

• Now [cold blood] special effects of specializing views are snowflakes.

• After equipped with the [Punke Double Tank Tank Vest], this item will also appear in the list.

• Addressing the screen description text about [Quick Transfer] setting.

• Correct the Galena Palace name displayed by [Buy Vehicle] option.

• Adhere to / Memorial Famous Fair South West. The picture of the second message of Huiteli will be displayed correctly.

• Adjusting production skills development reward text related to upgrading consumption reductions.

• Now [Call Vehicle] MackinaW MTL 1 image is consistent with the vehicle.

• Remove [dusk three darts] descriptions of words in the text.

• If the scaled screen, the image is no longer offset.

• After the strength of strength is exhausted, the body’s strength table will display the correct image rather than overload.

• Description text appointed by Villefort Alvarado V4F 570 will correctly point out the vehicle driver.

• [Synaptic Accelerator] The description of the labable interval will display the correct value (Polish text).

• The boxing weapons in the weapon configuration menu will show the correct item type.

• Fixed the technical crystal content about the Thousand Bai Zone.

• If the player continuously opens the camera mode menu and the merchant menu, the players screen is no longer stationary.

• Nowadays, a small map will display the illustration of golden unique war.

• Correct the player to destroy the enemy roban tower, hit the problem that the kill indicates the problem of not appearing.

• Correct the problem of unrecognizable players to mark the color error, now the above enemy’s label is yellow instead of red.

• Fixed a problem with the RAM recovery rate is below 0.50.

• Fixed the button of disassembly items to display incorrect issues.

• Correct the problem that the button is not working properly for the switching modified module.

• Correct the non-functional prompt of [Crack Agreement].

• Remove excess brain panel interface input prompts.

Image, audio, animation

• Correcting Rats causes an abnormal male V arms that appear abnormalities and wear molds with clothing.

• Step corrects the flat head container to fly out of the Penbi Plaza Hotel, resulting in the problem of blocked the entrance and exit.

• Correct adjustment [Sound Effect] After the music volume set, the volume of the in-vehicle broadcast and background music is affected simultaneously.

• His Town Suites Correct the car on the car with V, the voice of Wu Village has overlap.

• Correct partial brilliance and women’s legs and male V.

• Fix the running animation performance after jumping on the ramp.

• Fixed the problem of exacerbation of dust particles in the wrong scene.

• The character is no longer excessive bright when the character is dim.

• Information Magic Dance Dance Go to the beginning, the broken shadow no longer appears on the elevator door.

• Desperate Correct Players Suddenly generate problems when they rescue Wucillage on the building.

Environment and level

• Correct the wrong vehicle path of the city center ring road.

• A plurality of places that cause players continue to trap.

• Fix a problem that a variety of environment disappears.

• Fixed a sudden problem with multiple objects.

• Bai Younikano’s navigation no longer provides player error path.


• Fixed the call to the Task NPC suddenly interrupt, causing the NPC to appear in other calls and there may be abnormal problems.

• Correct the interrupt full-image call to restart when other calls are turned on, causing the NPC to appear in other calls and the next call is abnormal.

• The beginning of life:

After the correction finds illegal illusion, Judie did not appear in its comparison.

After the amendment has obtained illegal illusion, Judi’s vane cars appeared in the foundation, causing problems that the players progress was unproved.

After completing the Freight for Final, when you go to the false dance studio, players are no longer trapped.

• Gorgeous Adventure

Amendment cannot be interacted with Wu Village and cannot complete the goal of [Tao Village goals.

• danger

The iron gate leading to the cinema in the Imperial Mall no longer shuts down, and the player can smoothly advance the progress.

After defeating the big mist, the door to the Weiwang Supervision will open normally.

• Safety

Correct the issue of full-size calls and cannot receive the problem of Wucun calls.

Multiple corrections and improvements for parade scenes.

• Self-love

Remove the devil effect of the holy object when talking to Brandon.

• I think so I am trader

After starting with Brandon, the task is no longer displayed as [unpredictable].

• Magical Dream

Steve no longer disappears.

Fixing the player unable to deliver the issue of delegated task items in the registered place.

Stiv’s illusion dance is unable to use Steve.


Correct invisible roadblings cause players unable to leave the floating cloud.

After the completion of the Information mission, Ipsille is still in the Judy studio, causing players to talk to Judy because the invisible wall is not.

After the correction, after the defending of the VIP area, the target disappears leads to problems that the players progress cannot be advanced.

If the reception counter enters the cloud, the player is no longer trapped in the cloud.

• Mohu fairy

Fixing the player to defeat the rhinoceros too fast, causing Frey to notify the finals without promoting the task. This rude player is now working properly.

Dry Valley: You can take the money after defeating the tyc.

Kabuki: If V is defeated twice, twin / [same person] may not want to fight again. The problem has been corrected, they can win again until the V is defeated.

• Japan authority

Tiger hook members are no longer hitting each other.

Now, leave the car after driving, leaving the mission failure, avoiding the progress of the players cannot be advanced.

• Blazing fire

Fixing the problem with the silver pixel cloud together with the evil, the task has not been updated.

•burn one’s boats

After the task is completed, if V selects fast movement without returning to Night City with Kerry, the task no longer failed.

• Help

If Strong Ni is on the mirror of Judi, the player cannot interact with the mirror.

• Powerful

Fixed the problem of players can’t enter the core room.

• His hometown

Fix the problem that the player cannot talk to the song.

• Floating

Fixing the problem of players without triggering battles.

Now Elizabeth will follow V action.

After the chasing cars fails, the business special view will disappear.

If you call Elizabeth, it has pressed the gangster. The target [connect the connection point of the upper car] no longer appears.

After the correction task is completed, the task continues to be displayed as a problem.

•Let the bullets fly

The problem of Wilson’s gun cannot be taken after the completion of the task.

• Battlefield bell

Players can’t enter the open world by jumping down the roof.

• I am fortunate

The map of the map will be displayed normally.

• Go to death

The addition of military technology has not jumped off the floating carrier to enter the battlefield, but directly leaving the problem that the players progress cannot be advanced.

Fix the problem that Brazilian snakes and miracles have collided with nomadic people.

• Public

Fixing the problem of player defeating the task progress of Shanzhi after a certain situation.

• Ghost Building

Fixed an appearance of one of the gangds to avoid problems with molding.

After leaving Pan’s car left the town, V no longer received the call of Thapa.

Fixed the players failure problem that players happened when they were waiting for Pana.

Fixing the player close to Pana but not ending, leading to the problem of the players progress unproved.

Players cannot call the vehicle, avoid and task the scene in the mobility of the people, and NPC conflicts.

When departing the passage, Pana no longer collides with the vehicle.

•when we are together

When the target is [Talk to Barry], if the player is fighting the battle of non-Bauru residence, the task no longer failed.

After telling the NCPD staff in the Andrew attire, the player will not be trapped in Barry.

• Goodbye

After leaving the farewell and completes Entrusted: I want Gustavo. Oreah, players can’t see Gustavo and Martsa.

Players are no longer trapped in the garage of Ajie when fighting with Valentino.

• For non-crime

If the player is sprint into the elevator after being discovered by the enemy, the players progress can be advanced.

If you are playing a magical dance, players can’t leave the meeting room.

Fixing the problem that the player leaves the task in advance that the full-scale call does not end properly.

• Campaign

Fix the problem that the player can’t talk to the strengthening of the fortune.

• Poor chasing

The corrected floating load is unable to open, causing players to enter the search.

If the MiCi is not rescued, the player can’t call other vehicles to come to the floating carrier crash scene.

• Only my alone

Fixed a problem that the task objective again caused the progress of the players.

• Bear love fire

Players cannot leave the roof range with the rotor of the helicopter.


Fixed the problem that the player did not open in the Beiti Hotel not opened.

Correct the problem that cannot be called with big hand. Note that players may need to stay away from the church to call and promote the progress of the players.

• Night Square OP55N1

If the player spans [unable to turn back], the sniper rifle cover no longer disappears from the list of items. Players must load the scheduled archive and play again to [can’t turn back] can retrieve this rifle.

• Cooching

Problems with the enemy trapped in the wall in the virtual real-world teaching.

• Song of the pyramid

The players cannot be saved in the relationship between players and Judi.

• Previous

If there is a vehicle parked in front of the building, the task no longer failed. // CNSI rollaway has been resolved.

• Evil Storm

No no one will appear in chasing the war.

Fixed the player from the channel to enter the martial arts and leave from the front, leading to the problem of Pana’s vane cars to generate abnormal and unproved players progress.

Fixing the problem after the player recovers the power of the players after the player restores the power supply.

• Second conflict

The Swirl Warfare of the Dance Dance Door will help members and the issues that are not present.

If the player arrived in the room where the dead dance, the task progress can be advanced.

Ugliness brings trouble

When the target is [talk to the ugly brother], if the player hits the ugly brother, the players progress can be advanced.

• Out of a mouth

If the player does not trigger a dialogue on the stairs, it can also interact with harsh.

• Space strange

After a correction kills one of these visitors, its body blocks the player to take the pen.

• Patriotism

Fixing the player after the challenge is combined with the Liujie Ranger, causing the task that cannot be completed.

• Carnival love song

Correct the problem of watching street artists when the street artist is performed.

• Human Beast

If in the battle state, the player can’t make a car.

Fixing players to Clee’s garage, Clee’s car produces an abnormality, causing a problem that the dialogue cannot advance.

• Business dog

Fix the problem that the player cannot choose the destination after entering the floating carrier.


The amendment option does not appear to Wilson to receive a gun branch.

• Step

Fixed the problem of Draman waiting for you next to you or disappeared at the Square Hotel.

Fixed a problem with the first camera from the first camera, but the task is unproved.

• Far away

In the case of climbing, the player and Mei Rui Di have a contract, causing the log that the log does not have a goal and the task cannot be promoted and Nasha, Zhenzhen cannot be a problem of players holding vehicles.


RIP RAIDERZ! So, About That Re-Launch.. Hah.
Fixing players cannot choose [Use] and cannot investigate the computer, leading to problems that the players progress cannot be advanced.

• pick up

Fixing the player to fight with the Swirl battle at a specific time point, leading to the problem of silly backing and disappearing.

Correct players kill Les from the balcony, leading to the problem of Ajie in full food and unable to advance the progress.

Fixing the player has killed stupid before arriving in the boss office, but the mission goal continues to be [followed by stupid], causing the progress of the players.

The repair of the big brick has been died in detonation, but the task has a problem of non-mandatory goals [talking with big bricks].

Fixed in a specific situation, players can’t talk to military science and technology specials, leading to problems that the players progress cannot be advanced.

Ajie and Yan Qina’s full-size call no longer overlap.

After the start of the battle, the garage door no longer shuts down.

If the player uses the [crack agreement], the target [sneak escapes Les] no longer failed.

Players and Mei Ruodi. When Shise is talking, it is possible to trigger the hostility of the whole food.

• A total

If you leave Lao Deh, you will be called to Ajie after leaving Lao Deji. The player and Ager are interrupted by Agers.

• Avoid period

The amendment refers to the problem in the clinic.

• Shenwei is not

If the player fights in Patriotic Athletics and Liu Street Ranger, the task no longer failed.

• illusion

After correcting players entering the network space, the players screen continues to display all black problems.

Fixing the problem with the player and the bridal mother of the Bi Ji, causing a question that the call cannot end.

After leaving the church, the player can call the vehicle normally.

• rising while the

Players no longer trapped in the plum if Edith. Stout room.

• fighting

Mission objectives as amended [] to talk to Johnny, Johnny has not arise.

• Family Harmony

Group nomadic ceremony before correction into the guide path to Sauer marked.

Players can not fix the problem of talking with Mitch.

• Sponsors

Revised target is solid [wait] nomads, causing problems Pana explanation can not advance.

Shaw now rewards the process of leaving Sunset Motel parking can be more smoothly.

If a player let Shaw know panacea to Shaw’s plan and destroy vehicles, to promote the progress of the players can be normal. Therefore, the task will fail and can not get a vehicle.

Open World

• Remove excess loot Ferris wheel on the human body.

• Fixed players can purchase Quadra 66 model before it is destroyed, resulting in the car section of the [task] can not promote the purchase of vehicles and may not be completed [car] madness problem achievements.

• Fix the source of a field gun battle because the enemy is too small to trigger a range presents a problem invincible state.

• commissioned: Good show

Correction in the ground vehicle generated problems.

• commissioned: desperate

This commission will be included in the calculation of normal [Watson] successful achievements.

• God Machine confusion haunt: eyebrow dance fly blood

If V and Ruiqi Na full like call has not been completed yet and God Machine disturbed people encounter, mission objectives will be updated to the correct item.

• commissioned: cheetah escaped remember

Huangfu keeping hold of the V amendment issue. Now leave the motel V range will result in mission failure.

• commissioned: Uncertainty

Flicker correction can not destroy equipment problems.

If you have not entered the lab, the player can no longer destroy the flashing device.

• God Machine confusion haunt: special doctor

Tech weapons for players to amend the God Machine disturbed people throw grenades or fire off in training, God Machine disturbed people but did not enter combat the problem.

• commissioned: the need to resonate

Correction players can interact with the computer at the end of explanation, cause problems unable to advance the progress of the task.

• commissioned: Killer interest

Dino corrected the problem after two calls V not disappeared from the screen.

• commissioned: dead end

Players enter the residence revised target still appears as [] to the designated location of the problem.

• commissioned: Bloodsport world

If players complete the task after drove off, the log is no longer displayed in this task.

• commissioned: I want to Gustavo. Ouertati head to see

You can now use the elevator lift Gustavo.

• commissioned: the well-known treasures

Correction players can kill Dan, causing players progress can not advance.

• commissioned: dire straits

After the players put down amendments 8ug8ear 8ug8ear was floating in mid-air problems.

Players can not pick up the correction of problems 8ug8ear.

• commissioned: farewell party

Navigation system provides error correction route of the nomads to meet the problem.

• commissioned: Physician oath

Players can not use weapons or amend quick access problems menu items.

• commissioned: war missing

Dake Ta men fix the problem does not appear in the meeting point.

• commissioned: hunting magic

Amendment mission objectives continuous display [problem] can not find Chengtai Lang advance is.

• commissioned: annoying co-peacemaker

Correction Da Keta stronghold door is not open to question.

• commissioned: strict discipline

Bus correction generated at the same location problem.

Players beat Jose revised target still appears as [Jose repression. Louie’s] problem.

Correction players to complete the task but did not get the bonus issue.

• commissioned: crazy pink

Storage problems are not corrected guitar delivery options appear.

• commissioned: good police seldom

Correction players to Aaron. Mai Kasen use [distracted] speed hack cause problems tasks can not advance.

• commissioned: the negative effects

Storage problems are not corrected beta acid delivery options appear.

• commissioned: La Deluo private collection

Players correction technology has reached the point 5/5, fights Carpenter dialogue options have not been open question.

• commissioned: negatives make a positive

After the failure of the task, the task is no longer to be displayed in the state.

• commissioned: the love and Utako

Amend the door is not open, causing problems tasks can not advance.

• commissioned: share weal and woe

Amended escort Lauren, players can not talk to their problems.

• commissioned: nonsense

Players must deal with the problem corrected pay twice the amount of money to pay for accommodation.

• suspected organized crime activity: Violation of Privacy Policy

Corrected reinforcements stuck in mid-air problems.

cutscenes design

• Fixed players each time to save / load you can get a [united] issue pistol.

Will correct facial animation performance when V mirror.

• Fixed player call to find out if the evil Adam. After the bone fragments, if the problem of evil appear in the players around him.

• Fix for a long time to play, the NPC is no longer part of the problem appears animated performance.

• Fixed NPC wrong way on a car problem.

• Fixed player after loading the archive, NPC location is wrong and through-mold problems.

• fix the problem occurred NPC animation performance more than the task in the wrong location.

• Fix experienced player is six months since the recall, but Adger in front of the player-generated problems.

• After correcting the players looked away, the problem of random NPC appearance change occurs.

• Fixed loading screen is not completed, the task already begun with the scene of the problem.

• both sides of the knife

Play Magic Dance correction wisdom, the problem of air magic dance machine appears.

Players to watch magic amended Chi dance, Judy is not sitting in a chair at the table was standing problem.

• Battlefield bell

If the revised evil floating shot with a no-load, environmental suddenly go away.

• Ghost Building

If the archive ride during loading, V no longer generated in the driver’s seat and through die with Pana occur.

Principal: Physician oath

If the war swirling injured gang members were killed and their players can no longer be injected.

• Gorgeous Adventure

Players take the stairs as amended, Takemura was trapped in the elevator problems at the site.

• For non-crime

Mantis Knife animation amendment God Machine disturbed people’s performance.


Magic Chi correction after the start of the dance scene but did not advance the issue.

• flash of light

After correction players and Pana car connection, Johnny does not appear in the back seat of a problem.

Loading correction screen causing problems Pana dialogue interrupted.

Correction in the French version of Johnny unnatural to take action in the process.

• Bear love fire

Revised Johnny close to the microphone, Kerry standing problem stepping.

After the start of the background scene, Johnny no longer fall under the ground.

• Never gone

Johnny revised level of detail in the problem of excessively low cinematics.

• Night Square OP55N1

After the fog and the moon pulls the devil tarot card, two cards are no longer reversed.

• learn from their mistakes

If a player in a message on the bus clickthrough received, contact lists, vehicle menu, NCPD police would drive away.

• Every minute counts

Correction of an error in the position of the old German garbage dump, causing mold wear problems occur.

• Song of the pyramid

When Judy put on synthetic rubber diving suits, hairstyles will render correctly.

If the End Task Houzhu Di had left the city the night, Judy no longer appear in their own residence.

• Desperado

Correction players after rescue Takemura directly toward the exit, resulting in shortage Osaka soldiers appeared cutscenes and problems V opened fire.

• crime can not be forgiven

Joshua sudden correction back to the car and trapped in the car, unable to advance the mission cause problems.

• unexpected will

Fixed magic wisdom began to dance, the players screen continues to display all white issue can not advance the task.

• parasites

V women’s feet are no longer an exception occurs.

• Human Beast

Badlands: Fixed a player decides to wait Klein children, the players screen continues to display all black problems can not advance the task.

Downtown: After correcting the players, Klein children in the hands of a rifle without problems disappear.

• Business dog

After loading the archive amendment, the issue of change of playing basketball at the roof bar people Liz position appears.

• Step

Under the revised map generation UAV, causing players progress can not advance.

Saburo revised death, but the players see the problem Saburo standing.

Lai Xuan revised loading Penthouse Suite archive, Adger hands of the holy freezer but go away.


The problem of excess NPC correction Joss home.

Revised mission failed, and Monique Duolei An issue was quietly standing beside the bed.

After the end of the second paragraph amended magic Chi dance, task progress unable to advance issues.

After correcting the car away from the river, players no longer on the car issue.

If the mirror in the toilet, the player can not select the option to sit on the couch.


After the magic Chi dance, Evelyn no longer sitting at the vacated chair.

Correction dialogue skip too fast, leading to Evelyn pacing problems are not sitting at the coast.

Fixed Judy put on magic dance machine is V, Judy hands are no problem magic dance machine.

• Nomads

Correction box becomes a problem of the control panel TV screen.

When standing on the roof, the players can not get on the train.

If sitting in the car, the player can not play another door kicked base station.

• pick up

German Open silly animation performance flat head container is no longer out of sync.

Fixed Israeli military technology wafer money to help pay for the war swirling, V wrong way handheld problem wafer.

Rice calls to inquire about Ruiqi Na Fixed players not to complete the task, cause problems in the player beside Ruiqi Na generated.

• Rescue

Fixed and calm warring SWAT team, gang members do not have the problem of weapons.

Pirates husband solving chase clear, the player has remained a problem sitting.

• God Machine Medical

Fixed Vick left the clinic, a list of items the player [unity] pistol had disappeared problems.

Adger fix the problem with two pairs of chopsticks eating.

• Street stubborn

Conversation correction stepped in, Adger lips with the voice of sync and growing up problems.

• distracted

V correction of personal connection between the disappearance of the grass professor quiz question.

• Sponsors

Correction punched card becomes a problem cigarettes.


If after the completion of Judy’s romantic branch, Judy received gifts gift newsletter can be found in the residence of V.

Correction broadcast content with the plot discrepancies problem.

Raging fire of love correction to play in a specific language, all black screen problem lasts occurred.

PC-specific version

• Fixed archive Thumbnail damage leading to failure problems of the players occur.

• Fixed issue with Alt + Enter shortcut key to switch the window mode and full screen mode.

• Now use the TAB key to end the lockout scanning interface.

• added more sophisticated version of PC mouse pointer.

dedicated home console

• [PlayStation] after the death of NPC does not continue to speak.

Improve image processing streaming city lights.

If the player is insufficient memory space, covering archive archive no longer causes damage.

Hunting in the barn feeding tube is no longer mask and disappear.

Flitting If the evil die and no longer wear Johnny occur, but will normally holding the glass.

Recovery corrected before loading the player in the archive of the police cordon, leading to dialogue NCPD police can not trigger the problem and can not propel the players.

Co-existence of two rights issue revised PS4 version with Judy dolls and meet the scene not start properly.

• [Xbox] metal cold flame correction Cassius. Ryder clinics scene due to fade-out effect without a complete view of the problem.

Amended to open the backpack the use of weapons, but weapons and equipment to the wrong location of the problem.

• and many other fixes.

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