What is Serol s Free Fire ID Stats headshots full name and monthly income detected

One of the most prominent names in Cerol is free fire worldwide community. She creates a video related to various topics on your YouTube channel and it has earned an impressive customer number of more than 6.89 million. In addition, he has been seen jointly more than 517 million.

He is the co-installation of the free fire organization, flow, companion maker and nobritous with Aspites athlete. There is also an Instagram account of Serol, which has more than 8.4 million followers.

Serole’s Free Fire ID, Full Name and Figures

Serol’s Free Fire ID is 1814853268 and the real name is Lucio Dos Santos. Till today (September 4), the figures of the manufacturer are given below:

Fire Emblem Heroes - Legendary Hero (Micaiah: Radiant Queen)

lifetime statistics

Serol has performed 5270 in Squad Mode and has secured 1139 first place, 21.61% victory has retained percentage. In these games, he achieved 8485 headhots for the / D ratio and 18798 kilos with headshot rate of 4.55 and 45.14% respectively.

The dreamer has won 72 in 612 pair matches, which has increased the rate of 11.76%. He has 3177 frags in the K / D ratio of 5.88 and has 1551 headshots at headshot percentage of 48.82%.

Finally, the content producer participated in 1187 single sports and achieved 150 wins according to the win ratio of 12.63%. With 6711 Elimination and 363 9 headhots, their / D ratio is 6.47 and the headshots rate is 54.22%.

Ranked Statistics

When it comes to running season, DOS Santos has performed better than its enemies in five squad matches, which is equal to 22.72%. He has 137 murders for 8.06 / D ratio and there are 73 headshots for a percentage of 53.28%.

Meanwhile, YouTuber has also played 12 Duo games, but has not gained a win yet. In this process, he has 34 pieces and 11 headshots at the headshot rate of 2.83 K / D ratio and 32.35%.

Internet Star has participated in 31-rank single matches and has won four, which is a victory of 12.90%. They have 177 elimination and 93 headshots, which ensure the headshot rate of 6.56 K / D ratio and 52.54%.

Note: In this article, the circol statistics were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change because it plays more free fire match.


On the social blade, the estimated monthly earnings of the circle have been told between $ 4K and $ 64.2K.

Youtube channel

Cerol is making regular content on YouTube for more than three years. There are currently 633 videos on their channels, which are the most viewed videos 7 million views.

He has achieved 140 thousand subscribers and 16.03 million views in the last 30 days.

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