Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall Split Schedule and Format

Garena has announced to qualify for the next phase of 42 teams. Free Fire India Championship 2021. FFIC Fall Split 2021 is an important tournament for Indian sector, which has a heavy prize pool of 75 lakhs.

Free Fire India Championship Fall Split Schedule and Format

1) Closed Qualifier

Ns Stage 1 Out of 42 qualified teams, free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer, with 7th to 12th teams, will be divided into four groups of each 12 teams. Each pool will play best in six formats, in which the top two teams will proceed directly into the FFIC league phase.

The following three teams will be face-to-face in the best six format again in Closed Qualifier Day 2 (League Play-Ins). FFIC League plays the top four teams from the free Fire India Championship League steps.

Closed qualifiers will be on September 1 and September.

2) League Step

Twelve qualified teams from the closed qualifier and FFPL 2021 will compete in the top 6 teams nine matches, in which the match will be played only on weekends.

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  • Match day 1 – September 17 (Friday) – Group A and B
  • Match day 2 – 18 September (Saturday) – Group B and C
  • Match day 3 – September 19 (Sunday) – Group A and C
  • Match day 4 – 24 September (Friday) – Group B and C
  • Match day 5 – September 25 (Saturday) – Group A and C
  • Match day 6 – September 26 (Sunday) – Group A and B
  • Match day 7- 1 October (Friday) – Group A and C
  • Match day 8- 2 October (Saturday) – Group A and B
  • Match day 9-October 3 (Sunday) – Group B and C

At the end of each match, the teams will be given points on their relative group section on their relative group section. For each pool, the top-order team gets 20 points, followed by the following four teams have received 17, 14, 12, 10 and 8 points respectively.

Only teams will be given to teams in their respective groups, and will qualify for the top two side Grand Finals from each group (six).

The remaining 12 will be run again for play-ins on October 10, i.e. on Sunday.

3) Free Fire India Championship Grand Final

Top six teams of league steps, with the top six teams of play-in, will clash on October 17 for the last trophy and huge prize pool.

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